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Bonnie, Thank you for your vote of confidence on the subject of a
class action lawsuit.  With more people like you we could make this a

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> >I will have to agree with your astute observations of the facts of
> >matter on the profitability of homelessness. Now, what are we going
> >do about it?  I am of the belief that a class action lawsuit, filed
> >behalf of all 'displaced persons,' against the United States Congress
> >would bring this issue of 'homelessness' to light.  Charging those in
> >charge of representing all the people, Congress, with dereliction of
> >duty, neglect and breach of the oath of office.   Nearly 20% of the
> >population is living in poverty. This to me, is living proof of
> >Congress'breach to uphold the constitution and represent all the
> >people.  In a report just released by the United Nations Development
> >Program, the United States of America has 19.1% of its population
> >living in poverty.  With Russia at 22.3% in first place, America is
> >the second largest contributor to homelessness in the developed
> >For the richest country in the world this is a totally unacceptable
> >percentage of persons living in poverty wouldn't you agree?  And
> >wouldn't the poor agree?  And who speaks for poor?  Who speaks for
> >of the population?       
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> Hi gang,
>   This is a great idea. I think we should do the same thing against 
> Harris. How do we get something like this started? The poor and the 
> homeless have to speak for themselves. We know the politicians aren't 
> going to do it, nor is the media. 
> Bonnie
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