OUR SPIN on Forfeiture by NYC

Mike Steindel (CLaw7MAn@webtv.net)
Mon, 22 Feb 1999 19:54:30 -0800 (PST)

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Don has a very good idea. With so much media attention on the NYC
Forfeiture Law of automobiles for driving under the influence, we the
WoD victims may be able to grab some headlines. 

We all need to start writing our own stories and sending them in to the
media. There are many forfeiture cases on a daily basis where no drugs
are found and the siezures are based solely on the amount of cash in the
victims posession. In fact I believe there was a news story done on an
area in Louisiana where the sheriff targeted out of state cars...

You can just bet that many other cities will now be considering this
type of manuever to take valuebles from its citizens. I wonder if Mayor
Rudy and the Police Chief own a used car lot or have a big interest in
one. I wonder if anybody in Govt. thinks beyond how to punish people. I
do not advocate driving a car while under the influence of anything. I
also do not think we should tempt policemen with the authority to
confiscate expensive property. This lapse in judgement is going to lead
to a much bigger problem than drunk driving.

The New York Police Dept has been involved in many scandels ranging from
bribery, theft, racism, torture and quite possibly murder. How can a
city put so much power into the hands of such a dangerous orginazation.
The siezures are done on the spot no courts no judges and no lawyers
just you and the guy with the badge & gun...once your car is in their
hands who knows what might turn up in the trunk....

We have our work cut out for us but now we may have a more responsive
audience to listen to us. This will impact mom & pop america....mike  

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