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Bonnie Briggs (s248_1132@hotmail.com)
Sun, 21 Feb 1999 09:28:44 PST

Drums in the park
Hi gang,
  Lone Wolf asked me to pass this on to you. He finally out of jail. 

>Hey, it's me.
>I suppose Viper has been telling you of the incredible adventures of
>Lone Wolf.  At least I'm out of jail on bond, a lot better than sitting
>in a cell for the next 3 months or so waiting for my trial.  I have a
>readiness hearing -- whatever that is -- next Tuesday and the prelim on
>Thursday, with Viper's hearing on eviction in between.  I would 
>just roll my eyes at all the nonsense, but something's different.  I've
>lost faith in the US system of "justice" and find that laws are not as
>rational as I once thought them to be.  Here's a letter I just faxed to
>the local newspaper.  
>Having now lived more than a half century, I discover that one does
>indeed learn something new every day, even while sitting in the San
>Diego County Jail.
>For example, I have learned that the cornerstone of our system of
>jurisprudence, the presumption of innocence, could have easily found 
>roots in the pages of George Orwell's 1984 as an American version of 
>I have also learned that any citizen can file almost any charge against
>another citizen, with or without evidence, and the latter is from that
>moment until a court trial considered and treated as a criminal.  
>And with no resources for bail, I face up to a three-month "sentence,"
>guilty or not, waiting for the wheels of justice to grind ever so 
>to the inevitable verdict.
>From the moment the San Diego police arrived at my house, I was subject
>to seemingly endless indignities, stripped of virtually all civil
>rights, forced to instantly obey even the most whimsical, humiliating
>commands of my jailers whose low salary, I believe, is amply 
>by an unspoken right to slam bodies into walls, twist wrists until they
>break, and other assorted and sundry techniques of what passes as
>prisoner control.  And may the gods help the prisoner who incurs the
>disfavor of those who protect and serve.
>I shall have my day in court and walk a free man, and people will 
>this land of laws and continue to give lip service to the grand
>principle of  "innocent until proven guilty."
>No one will offer me an apology or explanation on that day, but I have
>learned something new.
>Lone Wolf
>For a nonevent (pointing a nonexistent BB gun) and charged with
>threatening someone's life with a nonlethal weapon (go figure) I don't
>possess, I face up to three years in prison and five years probation. 
>That'll teach me to be a law-abiding citizen !!
>I lost the eviction case.  The judgment went against me but Viper was
>not in court that day.  So we'll go through the whole process again 
>Wednesday in court.  It will be ironic if she wins, which she is likely
>to do.  What will that mean regarding *my case?
>The Marshall served her with notice to vacate by Wednesday midnight, 
>he couldn't find the rest of us   :=)  so I suppose we don't have to
>leave.  In any case, one person in the house was *not named in the
>notice, so he is filing a "right to possession" which will result in 
>another hearing.  Meanwhile, the Code Compliance Department continues
>its actions against the landlord for violating State and Municipal 
>(14 counts) by not providing tenable living accomodations for her
>tenants (us, whom she's trying to evict).  And around and around and
>Obviously, I haven't had time to work on the website or do anything 
>for the cause.  I'll keep in touch and let you know how things are
>working out -- or not working out.  We've already formulated Plan B
>(going back to the San Diego Streets) just in case my spirit guide
>decides to desert me altogether.
>Keep beating the drums in the park, my friend, and put in a lick or two
>for the people of The Red Path and my family here in California.  And
>dance !
>Lone Wolf

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