Re: Homeless Memorial Service

Tom Boland (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 20:50:57 -0800 (PST)

Hi, Bonnie:

An international Homeless Memorial Day, acompanied by protests in many
communities -- what a great campaign idea!  We also need to think about
follow-up.  How do we build future actions from this event?

Maybe we could link these mass actions to a fast.  For instance, I'm
interested to see if San Francisco's fast against homelessness -- 21 days
with 200 fasters so far -- has any impact on homeless people's prospects
for getting enough to survive.

Hey, governments -- how about some cash and homes for poor and homeless
people?  Or do our solutions lie outside of government entirely?  (Without
entitlement income and social housing, I believe we are dead meat -- at
least as long as governments and corporations exist.)

Thanks for asking us to take action across nation-state boundaries, Bonnie.
The problem of homelessness is indeed worldwide - urban, suburban and rural
in every nation, rich and poor.

Seelking peaceful means to homeless peoples' aims. -- Tom B, Boston

Bonnie Briggs <> wrote:
>  Here's some news about a major event that's coming up in the summer.
>Every year, sometime in May, we have a service to honour and remember
>homeless people who have died on the street. The last couple of years,
>it has become, as well as a memorial, a protest against the Provincial
>Government who has made life hell for poor and homeless people. It is
>usually held in Nathan Phillips Square, which is our City Hall Square.
>Last year, after the service, we went into City Hall to talk with the
>politicians. Well, we're getting ready to do it again this year. But,
>this year, we want to make it bigger. We want to have other cities in
>Canada involved. We want them to have homeless memorials on the same day
>as ours. It is tentatively planned for Nathan Phillips Square again. We
>were wondering if any of your cities in the States would like to be
>involved. We don't have a date firmed up yet. We won't know that until
>our next meeting on March 4th. I'm on the PR Committee, so I'll be
>sending out more information as I get it. We're looking at 2 hours as
>the length of the service, although there will be flexibility to extend
>it.  So, is anyone interested? It would be great if we could make this
>international. We need to show that homelessness is not only a national
>shame, but an international one too. Please get back to me. Thanks [Bonnie]

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