what to do with the truth?

mother nature (momforall@yahoo.com)
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 12:58:58 -0800 (PST)

I will have to agree with your astute observations of the facts of the
matter on the profitability of homelessness. Now, what are we going to
do about it?  I am of the belief that a class action lawsuit, filed on
behalf of all 'displaced persons,' against the United States Congress
would bring this issue of 'homelessness' to light.  Charging those in
charge of representing all the people, Congress, with dereliction of
duty, neglect and breach of the oath of office.   Nearly 20% of the
population is living in poverty. This to me, is living proof of
Congress'breach to uphold the constitution and represent all the
people.  In a report just released by the United Nations Development
Program, the United States of America has 19.1% of its population
living in poverty.  With Russia at 22.3% in first place, America is
the second largest contributor to homelessness in the developed world.
For the richest country in the world this is a totally unacceptable
percentage of persons living in poverty wouldn't you agree?  And
wouldn't the poor agree?  And who speaks for poor?  Who speaks for 20%
of the population?       

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