Homeless Memorial Service

Bonnie Briggs (s248_1132@hotmail.com)
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 12:49:53 PST

Drums in the park
Hi gang,
  Here's some news about a major event that's coming up in the summer. 
Every year, sometime in May, we have a service to honour and remember 
homeless people who have died on the street. The last couple of years, 
it has become, as well as a memorial, a protest against the Provincial 
Government who has made life hell for poor and homeless people. It is 
usually held in Nathan Phillips Square, which is our City Hall Square. 
Last year, after the service, we went into City Hall to talk with the 
politicians. Well, we're getting ready to do it again this year. But, 
this year, we want to make it bigger. We want to have other cities in 
Canada involved. We want them to have homeless memorials on the same day 
as ours. It is tentatively planned for Nathan Phillips Square again. We 
were wondering if any of your cities in the States would like to be 
involved. We don't have a date firmed up yet. We won't know that until 
our next meeting on March 4th. I'm on the PR Committee, so I'll be 
sending out more information as I get it. We're looking at 2 hours as 
the length of the service, although there will be flexibility to extend 
it.  So, is anyone interested? It would be great if we could make this 
international. We need to show that homelessness is not only a national 
shame, but an international one too. Please get back to me. Thanks, 

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