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Diggers 350

Newsletter #2
"Was the earth made to preserve a few covetous, proud men to live at
ease, and for them to bag and barn up the treasures of the earth from
others, that these may beg or starve in a fruitful land; or was it made
to preserve all her children?" -
Gerrard Winstanley The New Law of Righteousness, 1649

Momentum is gathering, Ideas are flying around, people are joining the
contacts list daily.  From the feedback of the last couple of weeks
Diggers 350 is a welcome and timely event. Yet we are only as good as
our deeds.  To quote the man: "yet my mind was not at rest, because
nothing was acted, and thoughts ran in to me, that words and writings
were all nothing, and must die, for action is the life of all, and if
thou dost not act, thou dost nothing" - G. Winstanley - a WatchWord to
the City of London and the Armie.

If the Diggers celebrations are to be a success then more people are
needed to get involved and take on responsibilities.  Get involved now -
phone or email...

The Land Is Ours office - 01865 722 016 office@tlio.demon.co.uk
Media and Publicity - 0961 373 385 ben@tlio.demon.co.uk
Education - 0961 460 002 education@tlio.demon.co.uk
Long term land colonies - 0117 955 6769 tony@gaia.org
Academic conference - info - 01243 532717 (bookings - 01962 827 289)
Theatre and entertainments - 0171 359 3487
March and stone raising - TLIO office
Working Week and 'Largin it action' - 0961 373 385 ben@tlio.demon

"When clubs and diamonds cast away, for hearts and spades must win the
day" - from the Diggers Christmas Caroll

Hearts and Spades is the name of a conference celebrating the of
occupation fo St George's Hill which will be held on Friday 9th and
Saturday 10th April 1999.  Venue for Friday - Brooklands College, Heath
Road, Weybridge, for Saturday - St Mary's Church, Walton-on-Thames.
Both venues are near the Hill, and the church has strong connections
with the Diggers - they were illegally imprisoned there in 1649.
Speakers include Michael Foot and it promises to be the greatest
concentration of Digger expertise for 350 years!

On Friday evening there will be a presentation of the film "Winstanley"
with a talk from the producer and two of the cast.  You can get a
brochure about the conference or book a ticket from Sonia Craig, King
Alfred's College, Winchester SO22 4NR (tel; 01962 827 289, fax; 01962
817458, email; S.Craig@wkac.ac.uk).  There is charge for admission, but
prices have been calculated simply to ensure that expenses are met.  The
cost for the whole two days, including the film, is =A316.

If you would like to help with the conference on either day (welcoming
people, creating the space, checking tickets) or have any specific
enquiries please contact Andrew Bradstock on 01243 532 717 (email;

Anyone want to put together some display boards for the Diggers get in
touch with TLIO office on 01865 722 016

The "Working Week" is being organised to provide backup for a Summer of
successful land actions and activities.  Between Saturday 20th - Sunday
28th March a venue near Brighton will be used to assemble all the
essential components for a large scale land occupation.  We are hoping
this week will be the springboard for a summer of land based actions and
activities.  For a successful week, and consequently a kicking Summer,
all hands are needed to help out making, preparing and repairing -
canvas structures (we have an industrial sewing machine), portable
compost toilets, kitchen resources, banners, defenses, etc.  If you want
to get involved or can offer resources, skills etc please phone 0961 373
385.  Whatever your skills are there is something for you to do...

"Some hearing of this Common Freedom think there must be a community of
all the fruits of the earth whether they work or no, therefore strive to
live idle on other mens' labours." G. Winstanley

Theatricalities are being planned.  All are invited to plan the
performance on the hill and events on the march - we'd like to hear from
musicians, stilt-walkers, puppeteers and people who know people who
might be interested!  Theatre meetings happening now - phone 0171 359
3487 for details.

The March is scheduled for Saturday 3rd April and needs folk to help
with logisitics.  The starting point is yet to be confirmed but the
march will end on St Georges Hill mid-afternoon.  Phone TLIO office on
01865 722 016 to get involved.

"And here I end, having put my arm as far as my strength will go to
advance Righteousness; I have Writ, I have Acted, I have Peace: now I
must wait to see the Spirit do his work in the hearts of others, and
whether England shall be the first land, or some others, wherin truth
shall sit down in triumph" - anon (but almost crtainly G. Winstanley
1649 or 1650).

Next meeting Thursday 25th February @ Advisory Service for Squatters
(ASS) 2 St. Pauls' Road @ 7pm
London N1
(at the junction with Newington Green Road)

Train (N. London Line): Canonbury (5 mins walk) - often no inspectors
Tube: Highbury & Islington - 25 mins walk or catch 30/277 bus
Buses: 30*, 38*, 56*, 73*, 141, 341*, 236, 277*. (*stop by the door)

Anyone want to do the next newsletter?  Get in touch - 0961 373 385

Tony Gosling

DIGGERS 350 - Gerrard Winstanley and The Diggers 1649-1999
Winstanley's pamphlets - printed on illegal presses during the English
Civil War
now on the web with Digger pictures:  www.tlio.demon.co.uk/diggers.htm
DIGGERS 350 CELEBRATION DETAILS:  www.oneworld.org/tlio/

Ideas for Long Term Land Squats and general Diggers discussions:
eMAIL tony@gaia.org to join or post

A Landrights Movement for Britain
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"...not only this Common, or Heath should be taken in and Manured by the
People, but all the Commons and waste Ground in England, and in the whole
shall be taken in by the People in righteousness, not owning any Property; b=
taking the Earth to be a Common Treasury, as it was first made for all."  -
The Diggers' Manifesto - The True Levellers=92 Standard Advanced, 1649

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