The Abolition of Homelessness

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Wed, 17 Feb 1999 09:29:37 PST

By Ruben Botello

There is a major schism between those who just
want to help the homeless, and those who
additionally want to abolish involuntary
homelessness, altogether.

As the old saying goes, "If we can land on the
moon, we can eradicate poverty down here a lot
easier." The abolition of involuntary homelessness
is like the abolition of slavery; forced
homelessness and poverty must be abolished from
the face of the earth, period.

If individuals want to be homeless or just poor,
fine, but no one should be forced to live this
way, by any government or society. Just helping
the homeless -- and not fighting for the
abolition of involuntary homelessness -- is like
giving hungry slaves sandwiches, but ignoring
their struggle for emancipation.

This is what most "homeless advocates" are doing
today, offering the homeless token aid, while
ignoring the fundamental need, to destroy the root
causes of homelessness, at the very foundation of
government and society.

Instead of attacking the rich and their puppet
officials, opportunistic "activists" are
exploiting the homeless cause for personal gain,
at every level of government and society. These
smooth operators want a bigger piece of the very
pie that is killing the homeless and thousands of
other oppressed people, in the U.S. and around the
world, daily.

While the abolitionists are branded, as too
radical, socialist and even "mentally ill," mass
media spotlights opportunists, to maintain and
promote the status quo. Abolitionists may advance
a step or two forward, periodically, but
opportunists are dragging the homeless movement
hundreds of steps backward every day, by pimping
our just cause.

By playing the role of "reasonable" homeless
advocates, these disingenuous profiteers are
unjustly enriched because they do not dare bite
the hands that feed them.



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