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Tue, 16 Feb 1999 10:34:32 -0800 (PST)

"Should the wealth from all land, including rent and natural
resources, be shared equally between all human beings?"

What's your answer?  How do you know it's true?

Are global economics and land use in your community related?  As to land
use locally, what's best for homeless people?  For the entire community?

Ok, those were the small questions.  Now for the big question:

What next is best for land use globally for humanity and the life web?

For more timeless questions for folks on _your_ streets, see below for a
related article:

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In Indonesia, the agents of the rich torture and murder the
innocent, so they can make a "law" that says they "own" the oil.
They get paid billions when the Earth produces oil, in return for
which they do nothing whatsoever of value.  All they do is murder
and steal.

We are all responsible for those tortures and murders, while their
tormentors (such as shareholders in oil companies and arms
companies) are living under the protection of our law.

In our own country, we supposedly have a democracy.  Can we vote to
share all the money from minerals and land in our country, equally
among our citizens?  We would all get an equal share as a weekly
income, or a tax break.  That's attractive.  Why aren't we doing
that?  Why are we robbing ourselves?

Everyone who wants an end to it, should seek to isolate the Nazis
from the decent people, especially the decent rich people.  I know
how we can.  Take a video camera and record street interviews,
asking questions which expose the horror and the fiction of land
ownership.  Here are a few examples:

"Is it natural to kill and rob your neighbour to profit your family,
if your family is in no danger?"

"Who is superior: a man who creates wealth and earns money, or a man
who kills people and steals their money?"

"Should the law ever fail to punish torturers and murderers?"

"Should the wealth from all land, including rent and natural
resources, be shared equally between all human beings?"

"What sort of person fears a level playing field?"

You can follow up the interviews with brief explanations of how our
common moral values clearly condemn the whole filthy business, of
pretending it is not in our interests to share the land.

If you do this, get your work published independently or in groups.
I don't want to say "send them to me", because one person can be
stopped.  I am trying to do it myself but I am chronically shy, when
it comes to strangers.

Can you see that this would work?  The only reason all this evil is
unopposed is that the difficult questions are never asked and the
pathetic excuses have not been challenged!

All this fake law requires that people believe it makes some sort of
sense.  Asking the right questions, exposes right wing philosophy,
as the poor excuse for piracy it is.

Do you want to march along in a big parade and let the evil
continue, or do something in the name of ending it?  If we aren't
trying to abolish private land ownership, what are we supposed to be

Stephen Bint

"the earth was not made purposely for you,
to be Lords of it, and we to be your Slaves,
Servants, and Beggers; but it was made to be
a common Livelihood to all, without respect
of persons"

- A Declaration from the Poor oppressed People of England, 1649

Tony Gosling

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