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PALO ALTO, Calif. (AP) -- Palo Alto's new police
chief is loosening up a recent get-tough policy in
dealing with homeless people.

Pat Dwyer has been on the job for seven months and
he's called for treating the homeless with more
respect and helping them solve their problems.
He's authorized a luggage cart exchange for any
homeless person caught toting his or her
possessions in a stolen grocery cart.

He's also ordered the suspension of a program in
which the mug shots of habitual drunks were posted
in liquor stores.

Dwyer's also working on a $75,000 grant proposal
for a new outreach program for a team of officers,
a nurse and a county mental health worker that
would go out on the streets, assess homeless
people's problems, offer referrals and even give
rides, if necessary.

Advocates applaud the shift in attitude. But
homeless people say they don't need an outreach
team, they need a place to shower, wash clothes,
look for work and receive phone calls from
potential employers.

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