Evictions and Livestock Impoundments - Homeless Hopi

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 Date: Sat, 13 Feb 1999 05:42:06 -0500
 From: LISN <lisn2000@lisn.net>
 Organization: League of Indigenous Sovereign Nations of the Western
 Subject: Navajo Relocation Struggle: Navajo Elder Roberta Blackgoat 
Sends Request for Help
 Big Mountain/Black Mesa Relocation
 Evictions and Livestock Impoundments Continue
 For Immediate Release: February 12, 1999
 In a fax received today by Chief Billy Redwing Tayac, Navajo Elder
Roberta Blackgoat sent out a plea for help and prayers. Along with her
letter, she included a copy of the "Offer of Relocation Assistance" and 
"Notice to Vacate" that she received from the United States Government 
Office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation. She explains that she had 
to make the trip to Flagstaff just in order to fax her letter and copy 
of the "Notice."

 (Copies of Robert's letter and Notice <originals> are posted at
 http://www.lisn.net/home.htm#urgentaction )
 In her letter, Roberta describes the fear caused by the "Notices to
Vacate" that she and other families are experiencing. That fear is
increasing daily with the harassment and actions to degrade and
interfere with their ability to provide themselves with the most basic
survival needs. Roberta explains that they are no longer allowed to cut 
and collect fire wood for heat and cooking. They are not allowed to make 
repairs or improvements to their homes or corrals. Like others before 
them, their livestock will shortly be impounded. And to make life even 
more miserable in forcing their relocation, Roberta's water pump has 
just been capped.

 Yesterday, Roberta made a visit to the Relocation Office to determine
what would happen to all the people like herself who did not sign an
agreement. She was told that signing the agreement was their only
option, to which she replied that she is "not interested in signing such 
a foolish idea."
 An "Offer of Relocation Assistance" is included with the "Notice to
Vacate." Roberta said they are being offered a house on a three acre
area. The "offer" is couched in language that is intended to soften the 
blow. The reality, however, has been a fatal blow to those who have 
already relocated, because what is being offered has turned out to be 
just more empty promises that provide only loneliness, destitution, no 
jobs, no health care, sub-standard homes and a soaring suicide rate in a 
toxic wasteland. (See related story.)
 Roberta and others like her know why they refuse to relocate: (1) They 
are already home, and (2) they are well aware of what awaits them if 
they relocate to the New Lands. Their pleas for help and prayer are very 
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more in depth information and how you may help.
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