COP's & FED's Bust UP Conference in FLORIDA

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The Total Liberation Conference, scheduled for Feb. 12-15, in Boca
Raton, Fl, on the campus of Florida Atlantic University, featured
presentations by the following: 

American Indian Movement
Animal Defense League
Anarchist Black Cross Federation
Feminist Collective of Syracuse 
Food Not Bombs (Orlando/Clearwater/Sarasota) The Fund For
Animals/Compassion Over Killing (Peter Petersan) Green Anarchist 
Industrial Workers of the World
Liberation Collective
MOVE (Ramona Africa)
No Compromise
North American ALF Press Office
People Against Racist Terror
Refuse and Resist
The Refuge 

Late Friday night one of the conference organizers, sent out the
following emergency e-mail. 

Dear Potential Conference Attendees-- 
The success of the Total Liberation Conference was proven today,
February 11th, when Florida Atlantic University (FAU), the originally
scheduled venue for the conference canceled, because the assembled list
of speakers appeared "too dangerous." The Orlando, Fla, police
department viewed a conference flier and then convinced FAU officials
that the issues being presented at the conference are of an illegal and
criminal nature. But, 
the show must go on and we will not be deterred. The new location
schedule is: 

Friday, Feb 12th 7pm Patch Reef Park, Boca Raton (Pavilions 1, 2, 3) 
Saturday, Feb 13th 9am Morikami Park, Boca Raton (Belhapavilion) 
Sunday, Feb 14th 9am Patch Reef Park (Pavilion 8) 

[directions to these sites deleted] 

Animal Defense League-- Boca Raton 

I heard from someone who spoke with one of the organizers that the
presence of the North American ALF Press Office could have been what
prompted the police harassment from Orlando. Apparently, the feds also
were upset by the presence of other groups at this conference, as
related to me in the following e-mail sent to me at 7:13 a.m. by a
friend who is attending the 

"=8A The conference has been pretty much a disaster of sorts... it seems
that the feds have had [a] heavy presence in Boca... there was a big
scene here on friday..supposedly at the school and the park where the
conference was supposed to be. People were being pulled over and
illgally searched the FBI was doing field reports, also accusing groups
like AIM of being known cop killers and claiming that they had weapons.
Supposedly they knew all the names of the people doing the conference as
well as pictures and the such, so they had to move it to this pavillion
in the park... 

only to see more police harrassmant...but not as much It is supposed to
be in West Palm today 
so we will see what happens. 

The ABC meeting went great and Ramona Africa was awesome." 

So it's not entirely clear why the authorities stuck their bootheels in
all our necks, but it is clear that once again, as activists and
radicals, we have had our democratic rights enfringed upon. What are we
going to do about this? 
I will keep this list posted as more information comes to light. 

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