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please pass this message on to others who may be interested and/or might 
know people interested - thank you.

San Francisco Food Not Bombs is in need of help!

We serve 9 meals a week - two lunches on Mondays at 16th & Mission and 
at Haight & Stanyan and dinner every night at United Nations Plaza 
around 6:30pm. We have recently lost most of our volunteer cookhouses (4 
of um) - where we cook and prepare our meals in people's homes.  We lost 
one cookhouse recently due to an owner move-in eviction.  We are also in 
great need of more people to help with transporting, cooking and serving 
food - as well as people interested in wheat-pasting flyers, 
leafletting, going to protests and serving free food, doing artwork for 
literature, and helping make radical social change.

Food Not Bombs is dedicated to social change through non-violent direct 
action and community activism.  We use consensus decision making and 
strive to confront inequality and abusive power and work to build 
community and greater cooperation through radical politics.  We serve 
vegetarian food (our soup is always vegan) at our regular community 
meals as well as at rallies, protests, activist conferences (like 
Critical Resistance) and other community events.  We need your help:

* We need people to drive or bicycle food donations to FNB cookhouses 
and down to the servings.

* We need COOKHOUSES - essentially a cookhouse requires atleast one 
person from the house taking a good amount of responsibility for cooking 
and getting the meal together (there are good people to go through the 
process with you and hopefully help out).  We need people who want to do 
a cookhouse for Tuesdays, Thurdays, Saturdays and Sundays - it could be 
every week or every other week.

* We need help serving the food at our community meals

* We need people to help cook!!!

Our meetings are every Thursday Night at the Epicenter Zone 475 Valencia 
St @16th at 8pm - our voicemail # is 415.292.3235.

Please let us know of you can help out and PLEASE PASS THIS MESSAGE ON 
to anyone who might be interested or who might know people interested.  
It would truly help, especially as the city of SF continues to use 
police sweeps against people who are homeless and more and more peopel 
are being evicted from higher and higher rents while the wage of most 
jobs gets increasingly smaller.  Thanks for your time and good luck.

compost capitalism, chris crass
an organizer with Food Not Bombs
emial crass@sfsu.edu

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