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Thu, 11 Feb 1999 16:23:52 -0800 (PST)

"Just Solutions: Campaigning for Human Rights" airs at 11 p.m. four
consecutive Sundays beginning this weekend on KCET [Los Angeles, CA, USA].

FWD  Los Angeles Times,  February 6, 1999


     Television: KCET airs part of a massive attempt
     to document endangered rights, at home and abroad.

     By DANNY FEINGOLD, Special to The Times

     What's the connection between a pig farming debacle in Haiti and the
of prison education programs in New York? The answer is provided by "Just
Solutions: Campaigning for Human Rights," a four-part series that links
these and two other seemingly disparate subjects.

     "Just Solutions" brings together a quartet of independently produced,
60-minute documentaries that chronicle social and political injustice, both
here and abroad. Airing on four consecutive Sundays at 11 p.m. on KCET
beginning this weekend, the series was assembled by Colorado-based cable
network, Free Speech TV and New York-based monitoring group Human Rights
Watch to commemorate the recent 50th anniversary of the United Nations'
Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

     The series kicks off with "A Pig's Tale," which explores the 1983
eradication of Haiti's native swine population and the resulting economic
and political upheaval. "Poverty Outlaw," the next segment, is the story of
homeless women in Philadelphia's Kensington neighborhood who become
grass-roots activists. "The Last Graduation" looks at the termination of
prison education programs in the U.S. and its social costs. The series
concludes with "Dirty Secrets," a documentary on American attorney Jennifer
Harbury and her search for her murdered Guatemalan husband.

     Of the four segments, Patricia Goudvis' "Dirty Secrets" falls most
obviously into the category of the traditional human rights expose, as it
focuses on the abuses of a brutal military dictatorship. But "Just
Solutions" employs a broader definition of human rights abuse, according to
Jon Stout, Free Speech TV program director, thus allowing the filmmakers to
look at systemic problems of social and economic inequality.

     "We're talking about violations of economic human rights," says Pam
Yates, who co-produced and co-directed "Poverty Outlaw." Yates and her
partner, Peter Kinoy, are currently making a series of documentaries about
poor people's movements in the U.S.

     For Barbara Zahm, co-producer (with Deep Dish TV) of "The Last
Graduation," the punitive social climate that has led to record levels of
incarceration--and the elimination of prison college programs--is likewise
a deeply troubling human rights issue. "[Prison is] a growth industry,"
Zahm says. "The U.S. has more incarcerated people per capita than any
country in the world. . . . And we're not dealing with rehabilitation."

     The four documentaries that constitute "Just Solutions" were drawn
from an 18-part series broadcast on Free Speech TV in December and January.

"Just Solutions: Campaigning for Human Rights" airs at 11 p.m. four
consecutive Sundays beginning this weekend on KCET [Los Angeles, CA, USA].


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