Re: Nazis killed hundreds of thousands of disabled people: LA

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Thu, 11 Feb 1999 17:44:11 -0500

On Wed, 10 Feb 1999 20:04:53 -0800 (PST) Tom Boland <>
>Tom, maybe you can find the article below by searching at
>American Journalism Review's "AJR Newslink"
>or at:
>>Maria L. La Ganga (Los Angeles Times), "Fighting for 'Other' Victims of
>>Holocaust: Hundreds of thousands of disabled people were among those
>>killed by the Nazis. But is there enough grief to go around? ," 19 Jan
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Good morning Tom B.,
Your tag line here at the bottom of the post carrys one of the action
chants "Nothing About Us, Without Us"  that ADAPT has used for many
years. I at least am thrilled that ADAPT's words has carried onto new
groups and is being yelled at new actions.

As a rule I am reluctant to send out posts that carry the cachet of the
catholic church on assisted suicide issues. Most of what I forward on
this topic originates from and around a national disability civil rights
group Not Dead Yet. The church did scoop that article by one day. So it
was with mixed feelings that I used their forwarded post. I was pretty
sure that NDY's list-dad would catch up fairly quickly, he did. Um, I
sort of have an 'in' with NDY as I am one of the board of directrors.

The LA Times article Tom Boland refers to; "Is there enough greif to go
around", is one of many regarding the first holocaust performed on the
disabled population. The articles as we are, seem to be pretty much
marginalised. History is clear though first the disabled next the Gypsies
(and homeless) and then any other undesirable populations get the showers
with no water. So people who are unaware of history may be doomed to
experience it's repitition.

On a happier note Denis Hasert (R IL) has just had his first introduction
to ADAPT, with 12 cited and carried out of his office. He's going to
learn to love us I guess.

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