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I thought that possibly you may be interested 
in the following:

Nora Jacobson's "Delivered Vacant" will be shown 
again in Montpelier as part of the Green Mountain 
Film Festival (GMFF), which runs from 
March 26th-April 1st.

"Delivered Vacant"  is scheduled for Saturday, 
March 27th at 1:30 PM at the Pavilion Auditorium 
(109 State St., Montpelier). Nora jacobson will be
there to discuss the film after the showing.

For updates on Nora's films please visit:

--This page has been updated since it was initially 
posted. I have added an additional link to an 
interview of Nora published in late September 1998 
which is available online.

Plus the Nora Jacobson, Vermont Filmmaker, Web site 
has been recently updated as well; visit:

In addition, regarding the GMFF:


Found at:

Green Mountain Film Festival --Unofficial Page


Second   Annual   Green   Mountain   Film   Festival 


March 26 - April 1, 1999 will be another
exciting week for film fans as the 
non-profit organization, Focus on Film,
brings the second Green Mountain Film
Festival to downtown Montpelier. 

Be part of this celebration of artisitic
and independent filmmaking by volunteering 
your talent and time to make it another 

Projects include:

* Bulk Mailing

* Concessions/Clean-up

* Signmaking

* Postering

* Filmmakers Welcoming Committee/Hospitality

For more information call Jane Knight at:

(802) 229-0947

or e-mail Jane via:

GMFF contact information:

Green Mountain Film Festival
Focus on Film
26 Main Street
Montpelier VT 05602

Telephone: (802) 229-0598

Visit this page often for future updates
about the Green Mountain Film Festival.


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