Re: Toronto Homelessness Forum Feb 10: Respond to Golden Report FWD

Paul York (
Tue, 9 Feb 1999 14:07:09 PST

> The St. Lawrence Centre Forum focusses on the  Homeless
> on Wed. Feb. 10.
> M.P.P. Steve Gilchrist,
> who spoke at the November Forum on Tenant issues has declined.

I am surprised that Gilchrist declined as he relishes being the focus of a boos and 
jeers. At the end of every event he hangs around afterward to argue with the 
lefties. He is a fanatical free-market idealogue who enjoys inciting controversy and 
thinks of himself as intillectually and morally superior to his opponents. It has been 
reported to me that the one thing he hates is being laughed at. - p.y.