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Forum on homeless - Feb. 10 
Author: Eric Mills <>
Date: 1999/02/05
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The St. Lawrence Centre Forum
focusses on the  Homeless
on Wed. Feb. 10.

So far the provincial government has not confirmed their attendance.
Janet Ecker, Minister for Community and Social Services is unable to attend
and hasn't identified anyone to come on her behalf.   Al Leach, the  Minister
for Urban Affairs is also unable to attend.   M.P.P. Steve Gilchrist,
who spoke at the November Forum on Tenant issues has declined.

It is a shame that there will be an empty seat on the stage.

Homelessness:  Responding to the Golden Report

7:30 -9:30 pm, Wednesday, February 10 - Free Admission

St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts, 27 Front Street East

Toronto -  Anne Golden is calling on all levels of government to tackle
homelessness, but what are governments prepared to do?  You can find out
at the St. Lawrence Centre Forum where Anne Golden and representatives of
the municipal, provincial and federal governments will discuss joint
to address our homelessness crisis. Golden, Chair of the Homelessness Action
Task Force, has identified the need for prevention and long-term approaches
to replace emergency responses to homelessness. What is your response to
the Golden Report?  What is needed from all three levels of government?
What are they prepared to do?

Key Recommendations of the Golden Report:

o  Appoint a Facilitator for Action on Homelessness to report to the Mayor
o  A pilot 'wet' hostel be established to reduce the harm caused by alcohol
o  The province should build 5,000 new supportive units in Toronto and
reassume the costs of supportive housing devolved to the municipality
o  An increase in the shelter allowance for those on social assistance and a
new shelter allowance for the working poor
o  The federal government should provide 300 million dollars in capital for
new housing
o  New protocols for discharging homeless patients from hospitals and mental


Anne Golden is the Chair of the Mayor's Homelessness Action Task Force
and President of the United Way of Greater Toronto for the last ten years.
She also chaired the provincially-appointed Greater Toronto Area Task Force
which reported in 1996.

Jack Layton, Councillor of Don River, is Chair of the City's Task Force on
Homelessness.  He was also Mayor Lastman's delegate to the Big City
Mayor's Meeting in Winnipeg that called for a declaration of homelessness as
a national disaster.  That meeting resulted in the emergency declaration at
Toronto City Council in December.

Representatives of the federal and provincial governments have been invited.


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