[PIE] BBB strikes - Mayor Pied in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A

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Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999
Subject: (en) BBB strikes - Mayor Pied in Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A

      A - I N F O S  N E W S  S E R V I C E

Eugene OREGON - Eugene Mayor James (Jim) Torrey was targeted tonight by 
agents of the Cascadia branch of the Biotic Baking Brigade. The Mayor 
was presiding over a local humanitarian - human rights recognition PR 
event on the 50th anniversary of the UN Universal Decalration of Human 
Rights which the U.S. has signed but never ratified  nor observed. Mayor 
Torrey has personally presided over the June 1st Tree Massacre and 
Pepper Spray Jamboree. Eugene Police, with Torrey on hand to oversee, 
used massive amounts of CS (tear gas) and OC (pepper spray) on 
non-violent activists protecting designated Heritage Trees and citizen 
passers-by who happened to witness the urban forest action. This action 
prompted a critical response
to the city from Amnesty International. It was considered in the 
focusing of the annual Human Right campaign by the watchdog group for 
the first time ever upon the United States for police and prison abuses. 
Torrey as mayor has also been involved in civil rights steam-rollering 
with exclusionary ordinances on the Downtown mall aimed at youth and 
other Chamber of Commerce undesirables and half-assed relief measures 
for the homeless which are geared more to Human Rights PR than actually 
helping real people.

Agents cowpie and cherry-rhubarb-tart armed with two tasty homemade 
apple pies approached and delivered the tribute and retreated without 
hinderance. The "honor" confired upon "hizzoner" places him amongst 
other pied high-and-mighties such as Nobel Laureate economist Milton 
Friedman, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, Corporate Glutton Bill Gates 
and Eco-villan Charles Hurwitz.

Local media captured the BBB agents as they exited and put the typical 
spin on the political expression that Torrey's Human Rights were 
violated. Lauding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a 
"turning point" in human history, the media failed to mention that it is 
absolutely meaningless under U.S. law and offers NO PROTECTION to 
American citizens. Living in a country that does not recognize the 
Declaration, Mayor Torrey has no human rights to be violated other than 
those afforded by the rich to other rich, such as land speculator and 
mayor Jim Torey. Supporters of the Cascadian BBB feel it is the epitome 
of hypocracy for this privileged bully to presume to pass out awards for 
"humanitarian" actions no matter how
justly deserved the recipients are.

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