Re: convert military bases to housing?

Paul York (
Mon, 8 Feb 1999 16:17:42 PST

Further to the discussion of housing conversion . . .

Some apartment building in this city are being converted to condos for yuppies 
because Harris repealed the Rental Housing Protection Act. Why not convert 
useless building buildings like army bases to housing?

Toronto Action for Social Change tried to do that with a provincially owned building 
on Wellesley that Harris tried to give the City. The City refused, so TASC appealed 
to Al Leach to convert it housing for youth. He gave it to developers to turn into a 

Of course, this is the same guy that became a millionaire from the public purse, 
giving himself multiple pensions from the TTC, as a kind of reward for destroying 
mass transit and public unions in this city.

On Sun, 7 Feb 1999 13:22:51 -0500 Bonnie Briggs wrote:

>   Yeah, I think old military bases should be converted into housing, to 
> just let them sit is a waste. We have an old base here near Toronto that 
> is going to be converted into a sports complex. As if we really need it.

To use a cold-war analogy, we need a Marshall Plan for housing that would infuse 
society with massive funding for social housing. In fact, why not defund the 
Canadian military entirely and spend on the money on housing?

Project Ploughshares, out of Waterloo, says the Canadian armed forces are 
ineffective for national defense due to Canada's expansive geography. Their role 
appears to be largely symbolic,to be used in peacekeeping missions that UN critics 
say are ineffectual.
The campaign could be called "Homes not Bombs!"

> I mean, we've got the Skydome, why would we need another one?

Skydome should also be converted to social housing! After all, Toronto taxpayers 
(including tenants) are still paying big bucks for that atrocity. The campaing could 
be called "Homes not Domes!"

Actually, the area adjacent to Skydome, Atiritari, was slated to become social 
housing. Many expensive studies were done; there are sitting on the Ministry of 
Housing shelves--I wonder if they were ever read. Anyway, nothing happened. 
Critics said the cost of soil remediation was too high. Some Hong Kong developer 
bought some land down there to build condos on.

> converting it into housing will never happen as long as we have Harris 
> as Premier. The Provincial Government got out of social housing, they're 
> not creating any housing at all.

True. They're helping destroy it with the Tenant Protection Act, which could be 
called the Rental Housing Destruction Act.