7 books reviewed by Daniel Kerr FWD

Judy Olsen (wholepie@speakeasy.org)
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 20:13:58 -0800

Wow, Tom, thanks a lot.  This review is excellent!  I've been looking for months
for this kind of info.  It's extremely valuable.  Sure would like to see more info
like this.

I noticed that one of the authors mentioned hoboes.  Did you know that the very
first hoboes were Civil War Veterans?  They had no homes to return to and also
suffered from post-trumatic stress syndrome.  They couldn't hold regular jobs and
most probably drank alcohol.  No home.  No job.  Ride the trains.

Judy O

Tom Boland wrote:

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> FWD  Sun, 07 Feb 1999
> CC Replies to author "Daniel Kerr" <drk9@po.cwru.edu>
> >Are most homeless people "mentally ill"?
> >Who benefits by psychiatric labeling?
> >Who pays?
> Dan wrote in reply to my questions above that "all the works I reviewed
> disputed the claim...that homelessness is a primarily a result
> of deinstitutionalization as well as the claim that the mentally ill make
> up the large majority of the homeless population."
> His review appears below, reprinted with his permission. -- Tom Boland, HPN
> Daniel Kerr
> May 6, 1997