formerly homeless mentally ill?

Bonnie Briggs (
Sun, 07 Feb 1999 10:35:56 PST

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Hi gang,
  As a formerly homeless person, I don't consider myself to be mentally 
ill. In fact, I never considered myself to be mentally ill. I have a 
real problem with the blanket assumption that all homeless people are 
mentally ill. I'm glad someone's come out with a statistic that shows 
that mental illness is low among the homeless(3%). Being homeless desn't 
mean you're crazy, it just means that you've been shafted either by the 
system or by another person or politician. When my husband and I were 
homeless, it wasn't because we were crazy, it was because our landlord 
sold the house where we were renting out from under us. Mental illness 
had nothing to do with it. If you want to read about our homelessness 
experience, you can do that by going to You can 
read all about it there. I am not mentally ill and neither is my 
husband. My two cents' worth.

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