Re: Are most homeless people "mentally ill"? Who benefits bypsychiatriclabeling? Who pays?

Ronald J. Bartle (
Sun, 7 Feb 1999 18:32:23 +0100

>I believe we suffer from a similar syndrome that war veterans suffer from.
>forget what it's called.

Post traumatic distress syndrom or similar I think it is called nowadays...

ron b.

british war (-psychosis) disabled veteran nr. fm7856  - My previous
as a born-again Christian/Member of the Salvation Army and Royal Air Force
on RAF Masirah (Island - Oman.) did not seem to accept that
I couldnt keep quite and watch young italian - spanish and portugues
(sex slaves - bought from the empoverished families  for 270 - 680us$ in
with big promises of great jobs for the girls in royal households...
sultan of oman - who's own son - the present Sultan Qaboos bin Said -
the decency and right-mindedness to depose in 1970) and took the trouble to
spend 11 months in 1973/74 abuseing me at St John's Hospital in Lincoln
England - until a smuggeld note on toilet paper written with a 1" stubb of
caused The rt hon. Dick Taverne (then Labour M.P. for Lincoln) to ask
questions under the "5 min Rule" of the Minister of Health and the Minister
Defence(!!!) about the reasons for the abuse I was receiveing while just
appearing to be a voluntary _patient_ on the books at above county
mental hospital.

cf. MK-Ultra/Monarch experimentation in Europe 1972 - 1974 - soon to be
the subject of a special issue from the S*****L magizine verlag Hamburg

Commander Ron Bartle

(Hon. Title extended in April 1998 from within the present ruling family of
Sultanate of Oman in recognition of "Services rendered in 1967.")

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