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Below is an URL (Web address) about Vermont filmmaker,
Nora Jacobson and her captivating film accomplishments
which may be of interest to you and others you know.

In addition, I passing on my thoughts along of my
experiences of viewing Nora's films.


Nora Jacobson, Vermont Filmmaker:



A few years ago when it was shown in Montpelier (Vermont)
at the Savoy Theatre, I had the pleasure to experience 
viewing "Nora Jacobson's first film, a feature-length 
documentary Delivered Vacant, [which] premiered at the 
1992 New York Film Festival and was selected for the 
Sundance Film Festival." -- (from the Web page of the 
above URL). 

In "Delivered Vacant" Nora took on what was actually 
happening in the rental housing market in Hoboken, N.J. 
as no one else has dared to tell it. Nora was there at 
that viewing in Montpelier which I attended. She spoke 
about the film and entertained an extremely engaging 
question and answer period with a lot of candid give 
and take discussion breaking out among many of those 
staying after the film. Nora also talked with us about 
her plans for the, then forth coming, film "My Mother's 
Early Lovers"-her first dramatic feature film. I knew 
then, based on viewing "Delivered Vacant" and on how Nora 
had described the story and of how she envisioned the film, 
that it would truly be an astounding film. I couldn't wait 
to see it. 

Three years later, the long wait proved worth it, for in "My 
Mother's Early Lovers" Nora doesn't disappoint. 

In my opinion, Nora's films are an experience which fully 
engages the viewer. In My Mother's Early Lovers, the way 
the story unfolds and is told, it feels like you've just 
watched a live stage performance that seemed so real life 
as not to be acting at all. The filming, the music, 
the acting, the story -- the telling of it: everything is 

My Mother's Early Lovers is a truly compelling film that 
you will want to see. The WebMaster for Nora's Web Page told 
me that he intends to keep the site updated with upcoming 
show schedules and will also post up the film's review that 
was published in the Randolph Herald recently. Please visit 
the Web site often for updates. If you want to see this film 
come your way to a theatre near you, speak with your local 
theatre owner or manager. Contact information on the film is 
provided on the Web site.

Nora Jacobson, Vermont Filmmaker:


This is definitely a must see film. 

Currently, My Mother's Early Lovers is showing 7:30 pm 
nightly (and 2:00 pm on Sunday) at the Randolph (Vermont) 
Playhouse, now through Thursday evening February 11th 
where it costs $7.00 for adults, and I believe it is 
$5.00 for seniors and children (but I can't recall for 
sure). The film is rated R.

The Randolph Playhouse is a wonderful theatre. It has the 
feel of a cosy and comfortable living room. Nora's film 
and the Playhouse combines to leaves one feeling transcended 
as if one just attended a live perfectly acted and executed 
performance of the highest caliber, rather than viewing a 
two dimensional film. 

Nora's has mastered the art of reaching beyond what we view 
on the screen as she reaches right into our hearts, minds, 
souls and lives as the actors portray their roles with real 
life grit. Seeing this film, one cannot come away unmoved or untouched. 
This is the art of story telling in the almost 
extinct tradition that family's and culture's used to pass 
on what they learned, lived and experienced to other 
generations. My Mother's Early Lovers doesn't try to show us 
how to heal ourselves, there are no such pretensions in this 
film or in this filmmaker; rather, it shows us that it is 
possible and of how one may experiment in the healing process 
that love, loving ways, mutual respect and mutual support 
provide as the meaningful bond of relationships that we may 
be born into, or otherwise form and that we choose to 

Go see this film or make sure it comes to a theatre near you.
You won't regret it.

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