The whipping & flogging of Kelly Dillery of Sandusky, the saga continues

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Fri, 5 Feb 1999 10:25:04 -0500

A new article on Kelly Dillery in Sandusky.  Shona & I were on 
the street that she is reported to have been on.  There are no 
curbcuts there.  Shona & I went into the street on this same 
roadway. They want Kelly to STAY HOME!  I am beginning to 
think it will never end for her unles she does stay home!  She 
eventually will be home more than what she is now as her
disability is "progressive".  She wants to live life to its fullest as 
long as she can.  I agree with her.
Mary Butler, LEAP/CIL

Wed., Feb. 3, 1999
Motorists claim wheelchair mom on roads again
By DANIEL J. PENDER, Morning Journal Bureau Chief

SANDUSKY -- Police said they are receiving complaints that disabled 
mother Kelly Dillery continues to operate her battery powered wheelchair 
on the roadway with her young daughter on her lap, despite a pending 
child endangering charge against her.

Miss Dillery, 30, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, was charged last
year with child endangering after a motorist complained her 4-year-old
daughter, Kelsi, hit her head on his car's side mirror when Miss Dillery
passed him at an intersection with her daughter on her lap. No injury 
could be found to the little girl, but police decided to file a charge.
Dillery was convicted last month in connection with a separate incident 
for operating her wheelchair on the road. Her daughter was not with her 
in that incident.

Sandusky police received two complaints on Monday within an hour about
Miss Dillery riding in the roadway in the area of Lindsley Street with
Kelsi on her lap, according to police.

Police checked the area and could not locate Miss Dillery. She was later
found going up the ramp into her residence on North Depot Street.

One complainant said Miss Dillery was on the wrong side of the road, 
and a car had to slow down to get around her, according to the police
The other complainant reported seeing Miss Dillery and her daughter on
road in her wheelchair.

Sandusky Capt. Gary Frankowski said no charges would be filed against 
Miss Dillery this time, because officers did not observe her actions, or 
receive a complaint that her daughter was in danger.

''Simply having the child on her lap is not necessarily child
Basically we have to look at every incident separately,'' Frankowski

On Monday, Sandusky Municipal Judge Erich O'Brien refused to dismiss 
the child endangering charge against Miss Dillery and set a March 9 trial

date.Miss Dillery faces six months in jail and a $1,000 fine if
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