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Theodore Latham (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 22:40:06 PST


   I totally agree with your idea, especially the 'behind the glass' fur 
auctions! It is opinions like yours that inspire people. That is why I 
gave you a Voice of the Homeless Award! You did receive it right? I 
never received a response from you. Nuff Said!


Tedrico Latham

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>Hello all,
>I have had minor tech. difficulty but I did want to add a few thoughts
>    Furs to the homeless..althought I felt their hearts are in the 
>place and Fur being one of the warmest coverings .....the results would
>probaly do harm to those it was intented to help...............I do 
>a suggestion thought ......Frame these Furs behind glass , sell them at
>a benefit auction so they could hand in the homes of the 
>this money could be used for the homeless.......and why not take it one
>step further and buy some property that could then be used by  homeless
>and let those that participate in having shelter also help in housing
>these misused animals as well.  How about letting the participants be
>to purchase the properties itself..there by ending "some" homelessness. 
>The whole Idea of the word *homeless* is ..........let me guess  "no
>homes"......Home the word envokes the thoughts of
>safety...warmth...cherished space where one can feel comfort and
> me this means that the way we obtaine proberty should
> there anyone else that sees this  general
> end homelessness.....
>I don't want others to pay my way for me I have always worked since I
>was 12 and have played by the rules yet this has  not given me a* home*
>a place to feel safe and that no matter what I will always be welcome 
>this space . I don't understand how to get this space.  Someone has 
>this knowledge and I would request them to share  thier knowledge with
>us that lack for what ever reason this piece of the puzzle....I have
>other gifts within myself that I would share with any in need of what i
>possess .all gifts to man being equal and do we 
>each other suffer when there is such abundance in the universe.  
>I believe  there are others who feel like I do and want desperatly also
>to find these safe spaces. I have read in several post of how many ther
>are now living without an address.........and what little space they
>have found  is  "not the right spot", "they should find other places".
>8,000 to 12,000 in Golden Gate Park ...London, France, San
>Diego.........?how about each of us donating 5.00 to our own cause then
>find some one with the knowledge and experience to help us find lands 
>share at costs we can afford..........I don't feel that just putting
>medicine on a wound and not covering it for protection will help in
>healing in the long run..although I am greatful for the medicine that
>gives relief..sure the wound gets somewhat  better untill something
>happensthe injury is reopened, then you have many time a worst injury
>then you started you keep doing the same thing over
>and over....not a good idea?..the body must stop its advance foreward 
>take the time to attend to it's injury  to heal completly. Woulld 
>working  in a collective thought of "One Body"  acheive  the best
>result.........we must work within the structure of the world around
>us.  Making changes in land ownership.....Land Ownership.....*who* owns
>the land? the land own itself..........I wish we could find ways to  be
>more willing to share more humbled to share ownership with the land and
>all that dwell here......
>Now , with the bad weather you would think that all people in need
>would  be helped ...... reports say that is not the
>reality.............and who will have the compassion to help these new
>families.. help themselves.survive..........those that have been out
>here,  those that have learned how to survive with out a safe
>place....those that will find compassion and unity where they never
>imagined it would come from............
>Compassion comes in many forms ......but do we have the compassion we
>need to help ourselves as a collective people *homeless
>people*..*addressless people* our Home is this Planet we should 
>                                  Many in body, One in mind can do 
>                Many in  Bodys, Many in mind  can accomplish  nothing
>Thanks for the space,

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