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Wed, 25 Feb 1998 09:50:00 -0800 (PST)

I thought the activists in the group might appreciate this action, even
though it's not directly homeless-related.

>Music Militia Chief Nabbed in Pre-Dawn 'Bombing' of Radio City Music Hall
>NEW YORK, Feb. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- At approximately 4:30 a.m. Wednesday
>February 25th, 1998 the Put-in-chief of the Music Militia, 24-year-old Timothy
>Martin was physically detained by Radio City Music Hall Security in
>conjunction with the New York City Police Department on charges of trespassing
>and vandalism.  Martin was leading a pre-dawn "bombing" mission with 15 other
>members of the Special Forces Division of the Music Militia.
>Martin was detained on 51st St. between 5th and 6th Avenue by independent
>security guarding "expensive Grammy equipment", for posting stickers which
>read "F--K THE GRAMMYS."  Upon physical arrest, the security guard told Martin
>"You've got some set of b---s for putting those stickers on equipment that
>costs so much money."
>Martin responded "that is exactly why we put them there -- the Music Militia
>is vehemently opposed to the grossly bloated expenses of the music industry.
>It is this preoccupation with money which results in musical product which is
>based on sales trends instead of artistic quality.  It is time to put an end
>to this unchecked capitalism."
>Let it also be known that at 1800 hours (6 p.m.) on Wednesday, February 25th,
>5-10,000 members of the Music Militia from so far twenty-two countries plan to
>surround the perimeter of Radio City Music Hall.  The Militia, armed not with
>weapons of destruction but with instruments of music will then proceed to wage
>a sonic riot with their horns, drums, voices and noisemakers of all
>descriptions, in an effort to liberate music from the corporate accountants
>who now control it.
>In conjunction with this military action, the Militia has organized the Anti-
>Grammy Awards to be held at Coney Island High in the East Village (15 St.
>Marks Place) beginning at 10:00 p.m. the same night.  Just as the Grammy
>Awards represent the music industry's enslavement of artists to the almighty
>dollar, the Anti-Grammy's will showcase artists who have clearly not
>compromised their artistic message for sterile pop acceptance and profits.
>Performing at the concert is John S. Hall of King Missile winning the Lifetime
>Achievement AntiGrammy, OSIVA winning Best New Artist AntiGrammy, and Grass
>for Best Acoustic Performance AntiGrammy.  The event will be MC'd by Reverend
>Ivan Stang of the Church of the Subgenius.
>According to Martin, "it is time to shake off the distracting and hypnotic
>haze of television and corporate drivel.  It is no longer enough to sit on the
>sidelines or the couch taking bong hits, and commenting on all the things that
>suck.  This is the signal that the disenchanted public has been waiting for."
> SOURCE  The Music Militia
>CO:  Music Militia
>ST:  New York
>02/25/98 08:54 EST

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