Cardboard city residents get marching orders (fwd)

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"Disobedience is the true foundation
of liberty.  The obedient must be slaves."

Henry David Thoreau  1847. 

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Date: Mon, 23 Feb 1998 14:05:54 PST
Subject: Cardboard city residents get marching orders

   LONDON, Feb 23 (AFP) - Cardboard City, a shantytown for the  
homeless near Waterloo railway station in central London, was given 
its final marching orders Monday by the high court. 
   The colourful inhabitants of the shanty town which sprang up in  
the mid-1980s in a pedestrian underpass near the station, one of the 
busiest parts of the capital, were given 28 days to leave. 
   In its heyday, Cardboard City was home to 200 people. It even  
boasted its own nightclub, the Shangri-La, a 12 foot (one metre) 
square packing case, where a can of beer could be shared to the 
sound of a pounding ghetto blaster. 
   Lambeth Council, which won the eviction notice Monday, is  
offering everyone the chance of a new home. 
   Fewer than 30 people remain among the concrete ramps and pillars  
at the site which is being redeveloped for the British Film