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     Thank you for those inspiring words. When I was homeless, I felt 
the same as you! If I had no E-mail address, I would have felt 
identity-less and truly alone out there! I used my E-mail address to 
keep in touch with my love ones, who at the time, were 4 time zones and 
3200 miles away! I also used my E-mail address to help out on projecting 
successfulness when it was time to fill out job applications or any 
applications! Once I discovered how powerful an E-mail address, coupled 
with a web page, could be, I used it as an incentive and self-motivator 
to rise above my situation. So I self taught myself HTML & Javascript 
(the programming language that makes these web pages a reality); read 
and applied every marketing, promotional, and consulting tutorial from 
both the internet & the libraries that I frequented so much during 
closed shelter hours; and finally I created my own web page/site 
design/promotion business, and put my family's home business online as 
well. Both are successful, Thank God! And speaking of God! He answers 
prayers! So since he gave me the strength and knowledge to rise out of 
homelessness, I felt I needed to give back to those who still suffer.  
Thus, I created Tedrico's Page and I hope God can manifest a miracle 
through this Web Site, in the lives of any of its viewers. That of 
course includes you! Thank you once again for the feedback and if I may, 
I'd like to send an Email out to you each time Tedrico's Page is 
updated! As for your writings on homelessness, I suggest you become a 
member at one or all of the following links:

NIFL-Homless List Serv

Homeless People's Network

International Homeless Discussion List and Archives at CSF

Ask! *********************************************************


Tedrico Latham

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>Just letting you know!
>	feedback: Begin: This site was obviously done with
>more soul than an "institutional" site on homelessness.  It gives a 
human face to
>the problem.  I sit in the library, a refuge
>from the streets, my e-mail address gives
>succor but no shelter.  I have been trying 
>to find a forum for my own writings on
>Courtney Hamilton
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