Breakfast Not Bombs! vs. Cambridge, MA officials: Mark's update

Tom Boland (
Thu, 19 Feb 1998 17:33:27 -0800 (PST)

FWD 19 Feb 1998  REPLY TO Mark at: <> (Lucy Parsons)

   Well, today was to be the big showdown between the city of Cambridge
and  Breakfast Not Bombs. Being the big media whores that we are, we made
sure that every local newspaper was in attendance as well as Spare Change
(the local homeless-run newspaper) and a couple of news channels from the
area. We also had our good friends from Worcester Food Not Bombs come
down for the day, and many Boston Food Not Bombs friends who have been
relatively inactive for a while surprised us and showed up to
give>support.(And as a bonus we were all treated by the local anti-Starbucks
group to 50 free coffee coupons from the much hated coffee giant across
the street!)
   Anyways, as expected the Cambridge city officials are more bark than
bite. When our delegate to city hall explained to them that we were set
up as scheduled in the plaza and were anxiously waiting for them to make
the next move, they "declined to pursue the issue any further", stating
that they would wave the $1000 liability insurance and not go forward
with enforcing the other "laws" that we were initially thought to have
   A victory? Hard to say...Obviously there are bigger fish to fry in
Central Square then Breakfast Not Bombs, and they realized by going
forward with the police harassment against us, that we would be given the
media spotlight of  "the voice of  Central Square's (soon to be
displaced) low-income community". The idea of willfully giving this title
to a bunch of outspoken anarchists probably struck them as a bad public
relations move on their part. So, with their teeth making a distinct
gritting sound, they said that we were welcome to stay and serve our
Thursday meal. Ah, Cambridge...
  We still managed to say a few unrestrained mouthfuls of
anti-gentrification views to the media and gave coverage both to Food Not
Bombs and the problems we face here in Central Square. We also got a
chance to catch up with some old friends and share some breakfast, so all
and all it was a good day.
  For those of us at the Lucy Parsons Center, our fight
still>continues...We have been given a final date of eviction for April 1st
(that's 3 months after the initial date of eviction that they threatened
us with).
   As the sign in our front window states: "THIS BUILDING WILL NOT BE
EVICTED QUIETLY!"   Expect to here more from us in the future.

In solidarity,---------------MaRK


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