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Internship Application DEADLINE - April 30
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** Progressive Summer Internship Opportunities


Working for Social and Economic Justice

Over the last two years, Democracy Summer has provided more than 50 young
people with exciting internships with progressive grassroots organizations.
Several are now working as full-time progressive organizers; others returned
to their campuses with new skills to further their campus organizing work.

Democracy Summer is an eight week program designed to bring young people
into the progressive movement and train them in the basic tools of civic
activism.  Participants attend an intensive  3-day training and then work
with local grassroots organizations on campaigns for economic justice,
campaign finance reform, police accountability, better schools, and a
cleaner environment.

Democracy Summer will provide participants with the skills, experience, and
introductions to progressive organizing they need to get a full-time job
working for democratic social change.

The Internship

Democracy Summer is open to students and youth aged 18 and over.  The
program will begin with a training June 11-14 and run through mid-August.
Participants will work full-time and will be provided with a stipend of
$100/week (additional scholarships available based on need), housing, and
subsidized transportation.  Some interns may also be able to receive
academic credit.

Democracy Summer interns will be assigned to progressive coalitions where
they will work closely with the head organizer and the local community

Democracy Summer interns will assist organizers with voter registration and
identification, fundraising, phone banking, establishing precinct action
networks, recruiting volunteers, researching, and developing media

The Organizations, Issues, and Campaigns

We are still soliciting requests from local groups for interns, but interns
in previous years have worked with local chapters of the New Party, ACORN,
and Project Vote, as well as other grassroots organizations.

The New Party is considered by many to be the most promising third party
since the 1930s. It is a progressive political organization which was won
2/3 of its first 225 races for local office, and won campaigns for living
wage jobs, campaign finance reform, police accountability, and better

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is a
national organization of low- and moderate-income families.  ACORN groups
work on a variety of community issues such as affordable housing, bank
red-lining, living wage jobs, welfare rights, and voter registration.

Project Vote works with community and labor organizations to register voters
in low-income, working-class, and minority communities. Since 1982, Project
Vote has registered millions of new voters.

The Campaigns

In previous summers, interns have worked on exciting and critical grassroots

In 1996, interns in Arkansas did critical public education and grassroots
organizing work to support a statewide initiative for campaign finance
reform. The measure passed overwhelmingly, imposing low limits on
contributions and providing public funding for small contributors.

In 1997, interns in New York City ran voter registration drives with
Project Vote and Rock The Vote. They registered low-income minority voters
during the day in Central Brooklyn and the South Bronx and young people
during the evening in the night clubs of Manhattan.

In 1997, interns in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Houston worked on campaigns
for living wage jobs, welfare reform, and police accountability.

To Apply

Send cover letter and resume by April 30 to:

Democracy Summer
88 Third Avenue, Suite 313
Brooklyn, NY 11217

For more information, call 718-694-2928, or email

Democracy Summer is a project of the New Majority Education Fund, a
non-profit, non-partisan project of the Tides Center.

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