Re: Big Issue Cleveland

Virginia Sellner (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 21:54:00 -0800

You know what Robert?  You told me the January 29 minutes had this
information, and I read them and they do not.  Now it seems to me that
perhaps the vote changed after January 8 I do not know but I will check this
out.  See the problem I have with you is that you say one thing, and when
called on it you go to something else.  Why oh why don't you face the
reality of things here -- and don't tell me I need to do that -- you are the
one that needs to do that.  You and your group do not dialogue, you are not
interested in working together with people of differing views, or people
that have different goals from their papers than you think they should have
-- you just want everyone to come along and do as you say.

You are the one that is causing the problems with NASNA not TBI.  If NASNA
has a regulation about letting outside of the US publications in the group,
or 'foreign devils' that publish in the US into thier group then they can of
course deny TBI membership in NASNA.  But guess what dear man, they cannot
deny TBI the right to publish here.  You are going to get them so fed up
that they will not even want to cooperate.  You are creating problems for
Jennifer, TBI, NASNA and no telling who else.  

Give it up man, you are not god.

Looking forward to showing you my British flag and TBI tatoo at the next
NASNA meeting.