Food Not Bombs Cambridge plans civil disobedience protest 2-19

Tom Boland (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 21:07:53 -0800 (PST)

Subject:      Breakfast Not Bombs
From: (Mark Laskey)
Date:         1998/02/13

Alright here's the end of the day report from Breakfast Not Bombs...
Basically, we've been told that we can expect continuing trouble from
city officials (we wouldn't want it any other way!).

    To pick-up where my last message left off--several Breakfast Not
Bombers went with the health inspector, Buddy Packer (no, I'm not
making that name up!), to city hall where they were told that we were in
violation of certain city ordinances concerning prepared food
(ho-hum...), but the funny thing was that when our group of delegates
asked to see the actual ordinance in print the city officials spent about
20 minutes to decide that the ordinances did not exist in Cambridge!
In the face of humiliation they decided to switch tactics and said that
we were an obstruction to the sidewalk (even though we serve in a plaza,
clearly out of the way of foot traffic) and that we needed a vendors
liscense (even though our food is free) and that we needed some form
of insurance (I don't remeber the specific title) to continue to serve.
Well, the city officials were thanked for the waste of time and told
that if they wanted to pursue this any further they new exactly where to
find us next Thursday.

   Next Thursday we have called a protest with intentions for civil
disobedience (this may result in somewhat lengthy jail time or high
bail for some of the main Breakfast Not Bombs people who will be in
violation of probation for various past  Homes Not Jails actions or have
previous records). We are asking for others to participate in this civil
disobedience or at least come and give support. We will set up our
table at  9:30am in front of the Lucy Parsons Center (on the corner of Mass.
Ave. and Western) next Thursday, Feb. 19th. Breakfast will be served!



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