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     Seven months ago I was one of those statistics (55,000 homeless in 
LA area).  I am glad I made it out of that madness alive with my senses 
still intact.  However I feel for those who are still out there, 
particularly now, with all of the down pour each day. I rember what is 
was like to sleep in the rain, although I was always one for sleeping 
under the I-5 (homeless in San Diego) or I-10 (homeless in LA) or I-280 
(homelessin Frisco) underpasses when it rained. I am totally upset to 
learn that Pete is favoring assistance of the 'homeless-homed' over the 
'homeless-on-their-own', but not surprised at all, because having had a 
lengthy California homeless experience under their ridiculous state and 
city municiple laws, had I have still been there, I would have expected 
to rely on myself instead of Pete Wilson and company during the trying 
times of El Nino. No Mas!


Tedrico Latham

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>My most recently posted article at my "homeless columns" site:
>I'm sure you all know that El Nino is devastating southern California
>with torrential rains, resulting in flooding and mudslides.  Governor
>Pete Wilson has declared a state of emergency in 22 counties.
>What you may not know is that disaster relief applies only to people
>with addresses.  At least one in 150 people was homeless before the
>rains came, meaning at least 55,000 in Los Angeles alone.  The West
>Los Angeles Armory has been shut down recently by the National Guard
>for military actions happening right now in Iraq, eliminating 500
>shelter beds that were being used by the homeless.  Other shelters in
>the Cold Weather Shelter Program have been closed or endangered by
>flooding.  But all of the disaster relief funds are being allocated
>for relief of the homed turned out of their homes by the floods --
>none for the homeless turned out of shelter.
>Friday morning, Feburary 6, homeless activists and members of a
>sub-committee of the Westside Shelter and Hunger Coalition (a council
>of Social Service Agencies funded by the City of Santa Monica) came
>together to call for a county wide state of emergency for persons who
>are homeless without addresses.   Homeless activists and Homes Not
>Jails will be holding a press conference at the Ocean Park Community
>Center, 1616 7th Street & Colorado Boulevards Santa Monica, CA  at 5
>p.m. every night it rains. OPCC is a pick up site for the cold weather
>shelter to the two National Guard Armories left in West Los Angeles.
>The activists will be spending the night at the shelter to reveal the
>conditions that homeless people face while at the shelter, and to talk
>about the effects the rains have on people in these dramatic weather
>conditions.  The activists are making an appeal to the United Nations
>against human rights violations in the United States of America.
>Among other things, they point out that discriminating against those
>without addresses in the administration of disaster relief is illegal.
>Homes Not Jails recently gained national attention when they joined a
>squat at the Flamingo Motel in Santa Monica, claiming the hotel --
>vacant for five years and the City's most notorious tax shelter -- for
>the homeless.  Maguire Thomas Partners, owners of the hotel, pressed
>trespassing charges and had the squatters arrested.  
>Actions like the Flamingo Hotel squat are on the rise all over the
>country, as the income gap in "the booming economy" continues to widen
>and the numbers of homeless continue to grow.  Governor Pete Wilson
>has repeatedly stated that the cities need to take more responsibility
>for the homeless problem.  The City of Santa Monica was quoted in the
>Los Angeles Times (Sat. Jan 31st Voices) as stating that homelessness
>is a national problem not a local one.  The County states that they
>have done enough and it's not their problem.  The Federal government
>doles out block grants to the states and insists that solving
>homelessness is the states' problem.  In the meantime, there are men,
>women and children trying to survive on the streets in rains of
>disaster, with no resources at all -- and no recourse.
>Whatever you can do for the homeless of southern California, they need
>your help now.  And besides getting them indoors, dry and fed right
>now, in this emergency, let's start making long-range solutions "a
>national problem" -- one that the *individuals* of this nation pitch
>in and solve, since no elected representative has the courage to
>accept the responsibility.  They're so busy passing the buck, let's
>take it out of their hands.  The buck stops here.
>It's *our* problem.
>For more information:
>Homes Not Jails...homelessness has a cure...
>P.O. Box 3622, Santa Monica, CA  90408
>1010 South Flower Street, Suite 401, Los Angeles, CA  90408
>Contact:  (310) 289-7446  Jennafer Waggoner,   
>(310) 358-5916 David Busch
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