Prince Charles writes for Big Issue homeless magazine FWD

Tom Boland (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 11:05:04 -0800 (PST)

FWD via Feb 16, 1998


LONDON - Britain's Prince Charles on Monday highlighted the problems of
homelessness in an article for a magazine written and sold by people living
on the streets. Charles, heir to the British throne, said homelessness was
one of the most pressing problems facing young people in the 1990s.

"The lack of a home is one of the dreadful problems facing many of our
young people today," he said in the article for The Big Issue magazine.

Charles said he had been struck by the problems of the homeless when he met
a former school friend during a visit to the offices of The Big Issue in

Clive Harold was a pupil with Charles at an exclusive private school. He
later fell on hard times and lived on the streets of London, turning to the
magazine for help and support.

"It was a vivid reminder that homelessness can happen to almost anyone,"
the prince wrote.

Charles has been making strenuous efforts to adopt a more relaxed, informal
style since the death of his ex-wife Princess Diana last August.

In words echoing those once used to describe Diana, he was dubbed the
"Prince of Hearts" by some British newspapers last week as he reached out
to sick children in Nepal.

Charles described the efforts of his Prince's Trust charity in helping
young people to start their own businesses.

"Encouraging achievement and developing hidden talent has been at the heart
of what I have been trying to do for much of my life," he wrote.


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