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The Toronto Direct Action Committee (TDAC) is the Metro wing of the Ontario
Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). TDAC was established at the end of '94 in
response to the mounting attack on the rights of the unemployed.

We mobilize around broad issues, like the fight to prevent the destruction
of social programs. We also take actions, such as picketing and office
occupations, to win redress for individuals and families faced with
situations like eviction or the denial of UI and Welfare by hard hearted
bureaucracies. Our campaign to defend unemployed workers and poor people is
having a real impact.

We have had success in over 200 cases. This has ranged from picketing a gas
station to win back pay for a laid off worker to organizing public
delegations to the office of the Minister of Community and Social Services
to compel them to provide emergency assistance to a destitute man. Our
actions have managed to get a fired drop-in worker reinstated, a family
newly insulated windows, a single mother emergency dental treatment,
assisted another single mother to beat unwarranted welfare fraud charges
and have given many desperate people much needed help.

This past year we developed a five point plan that we are going to be using
as a guide to fight the Harris government.

1. Work on building large demonstrations to show that the mood against the
government is growing.
2. Organize bold and disruptive actions to make sure that the normal baby
kissing and ribbon cutting does not carry on as per usual with this

3. Go after the rich backers of the government by attacking the
corporations and the personally wealthy who are clearly throwing their
weight behind Harris. This was carried out when we marched on Rosedale
showing hundreds of poor and unemployed people from Regent Park how their
wealthy, over-taxed neighbours are living.

4. Self-defense. Due to the cuts there are going to be at least 100,000
economic evictions. We must organize to block evictions so people are not
thrown onto the streets.

5. Organize a Common Front of all groups opposed to the Harris government.
Using the political power of the trade unions as a focal point in building
a organized opposition that includes community organizations and student
groups to create a political crisis for this government that will force it
from office.

The Toronto Direct Action Committee of the Ontario Coalition Against
Poverty meets at 6:00 PM every second Monday at All Saints Church (corner
of Sherbourne and Dundas).

Come out and join us!

If you have questions give us a call at (416) 925-6939
or e-mail us at ocap@netizen.org


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