Homeless Power Union

Terry Bevins (hpu@rocketmail.com)
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 10:39:35 -0800 (PST)


 I am the founding organizer of the Homeless Power
Union. In the wake of all the anti-homeless
legislatio and the signing of the welfare laws. 

 I am becoming concerned of where the right-wing is
leading the oppressed. It is time to expand the
Homeless Power Union. It is time to tell the
right-wing just where we stand.

The Homeless Power Union and it's membership are
looking for leaders who would like to form their own
chapters. It is very necessary to start to defend the
homeless who are harassed daily by the police,
courts, and other government offices. It is time to
take a stand. 

Below is the statement of purose for the Homeless
Power Union.

If you are interested please reply.

Program of Action

1. The Homeless Power Union (HPU) is dedicated to the
fight By Any Means Necessary to obtain adequate
shelter, food,
    safe housing, and equal health care for all! We
are organized under the democratic control of the
persons needing these
          We believe that militant, direct action of
an organized union of the homeless and their
supporters to build a movement to
    fight against the reactionary forces trying to
implement anti-homeless, and anti-poverty
legislation. They must be defeated!
    We are prepared to build independent, mass
mobilizations to protect ande defend the rights and
lives of the homeless all
           We donot rely on the courts, police, local
governmentss, city council leaders, Democrats or
Republicans, and the
    capitalist ruling class, or any other government
organization outside ourselves to succeed in winning
our demands in the
    struggle to end homelessness altogether.

2. The HPU opposses all anti-homeless, and
anti-poverty laws, and will mobilize to defeat them.
The HPU sees this as an
    attempt by the right-wing to further oppress and
criminalize large impoverished and homeless sectors
all over the nation and
    the world. The HPU is committed to this task of
overturning anti-poverty/anti-homeless legislation. 

3. The HPU is dedicated to fight for its goals with
only the tactics capable of bringing victory;
militant mass actions and
    demonstrations of our independent power with the
goal of fighting for political power of the
oppressed, working-class,
    women, youth, black, minorties, and gay/lesbian. 
        We defend the rights of those people that
live in the shelter and on the streets, in parks,
homeless campgrounds, etc. The
    HPU fights for the rights of youth, and the need
for more shelters for youth who are escaping abusive
situations at home.The
    HPU fights for the rights of women, and the need
for more shelters for women escaping abusive
situations. The fight of the
    oppressed should be united in the fight of the
working class. 

4. The HPU recognizes that homelessness and
unemployment is initiated and perpetuated by this
nation's profit-based capitalist
    system. This exploitative profit-making system
uses homelessness and unemployment as a means to
attack and degrade the
    majority of people in our society. The HPU is
dedicated to fighting this system to eliminate
homelessness altogether, to win
    full decent paying employment, and equal and
quality health care for all! 
          Therefore we see our fight also as a part
of the fight against capitalism, the system that
oppresses us, and for the
    realization of full equality and genuine
democracy ino ur society in the interest of the

5. The HPU fights all forms of racism, fascism,
sexism, and bigotry. The HPU does not allow any form
of racism or sexism to
    go on. It is not tolerated.   

Terry Bevins
Homeless Power Union
Detroit NWROC

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