The Big Issue Issue: Discussion forums

Anitra Again (
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 06:34:33 -0800 (PST)

Note: I have included as many of the private addresses as I know of
that have been cc'd on previous posts, in the Blind CC portion of this

The public To field in this email includes only the addresses of the
main parties most immediately involved in the discussion and the
archived lists where some of the discussion has previously taken place.
These are the only addresses that I will be using in the future,
myself, unless I am replying to an unlisted individual's post, or one
of you specifically requests a cc.  I will also be posting to the newsgroup

This is in the interests of making it easier for all those interested
in the discussion to catch up with previous posts and to track future
developments -- while letting anyone who is not interested in the
discussion go on about their business.

Jennafer mentioned in an email to me yesterday that she wished there
was a web-based discussion forum for NASNA members on the Big Issue

I have set up a public web-based forum at 
You can also reach it through a link at
under "Other related forums".

That site also has a forum for the discussion of Journalistic Ethics,
and another for the discussion of Conflict Resolution, and the
addresses of other homeless-issue and activist discussion forums.

If some of you would like a NASNA-member-only discussion site, you can
set one up easily by using WebApps,
or contact me and I will be glad to do it for you.

Portions of previous discussion can be found at the following mailing
list archive websites:

Homeless People's Network

Food Not Bombs

The Big Issue home page is under an overhaul at the time of this
writing but you can find out a bit about it, online, at The
Big Issue International.

Virginia Sellner previously posted information on how to get sample
copies of The Big Issue.  
WRITE ON! -- Anitra