Re: (Fwd) Big Issue Questions -- LONG (was:Re: Big Deal Big Compro

Virginia Sellner (
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 15:28:02 -0800

Hi, I just want to state on record that Anitra has not slandered Jennifar --
she has been open and fair to both sides, while trying to get people to
understand that its okay to disagree, but it is not okay to try and make
everyone believe just what you (that's a general you meaning just anyone)
believe.  This entire issue is taking up much more time than needed.

It is my understanding, once again, that TBI was invited to LA, and that
first invitation occurred BEFORE Jennifar started her paper.  Why in the
world are you worrying about another paper in the LA area when that area is
so huge that one cant cover it all?  What about the one put out by the kids
that are at the Hollywood Free Clinic -- Street Sheet is it/  I don't hear
them making waves about another paper coming into the area.  

The 3 papers make different strokes for different folks -- 

Virginia Sellner