Re: Boston homeless family earns too much for subsidized

Ronald J. Bartle (
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 22:35:42 +0100

Liberty wrote:
> Tom,
> At 11:31 AM 15/02/98 -0800, you wrote:
> >'The lady at DTA [Department of Transitional Assistance] told me a family
> >of seven can't make more than $1676.10 a month. We can't get an apartment,
> >we can't even get in a shelter.'
> That's true.  A family would almost have to stop working to get any help.
> This is why I promote the abolition of welfare, any guesses why?
> Thanks for posting this.

Here is my somewhat spontaneous and rather tounge in cheek response....!

Yeah I can well imagine why you are promoting the _abolition_ of
cos then thousands more will be utterly destitute and some will
crime levels - especially for lethal attempted robberies of foodstuffs
will sky-rocket,
- and shure.. shrue.. your "brother-in-law" will finally get the staff
he wants to 
thrust into the taxi busness in his established sweat-shop manner.. 

-      as long as .....


                               he can find the....


                                                            -17.800$ per
each and every new vehicle 

 that meeting the those new federal specifications.....

for Pentagon-ClassII light armour-cladding of mobile civ.APC-type

is going to cost him if he ever -does- find a way to claw the cash

allowing of course for the fact that he only needs to armour-clad

PASSENGER compartment of his TAXIS - Cos if the wone was dumm enough to
demand that a 1.95/hour
taxi driver get bullet-protection .. they would last too long and start
getting ideas in thier head
like voteing and unionizing etc.


//like I said .. only tounge-in-cheek and purposly very provocative - as
a contibution to the already increasily lively list content!//

ron b.

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