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     Don't leave the list! Just read those Netiquette suggestions I sent 
you and always refer to them before posting on this or any discussion 
group forum or listserv.  It is in that area that the term I used, 'New 
To The Discussion List People', applies to you.  So don't get offended 
.... you should be commended.  Afterall, not only are you voicing your 
opinions on homelessness, but as a shelter cook, you are offering your 
services to the homeless as well!  Nuff said!


Tedrico Latham

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>OK, Sorry I've Upset you in any way.  Maybe you should have specified
>exactly what you were awarding in the post in the first place.  Sorry I
>also cannot crawl into some peoples head and read their mind. And also
>excuse me for replying at all.  For that matter I am taking myself off
>this list.  It pretty obvious NEW TO THE DISCUSSION LIST PEOPLE are not
>welcome.  And not only that it just seems like nothing is being done
>about the homeless over this discussion list anyway.  Enough already I
>have to go and cook for the people in my shelter.
>On Wed, 11 Feb 1998 00:26:16 PST "Theodore Latham" 
>>To all HPN subscribers,
>>  I grow tired of all the feedback from a response I made to the 
>>following anonymous proposal:
>> -------
>>   1. Pass an absolute law making vagrancy unlawful. Period.
>>   2. Increase the police routes to include more time in areas that 
>>ahigh rate of homeless vagrancy.
>>   3. Build a center that can house, feed and care for these people.
>>Include mental accomodations. This can be staffed by college work 
>>orother federal employees.
>>   4. Pick up the homeless if they are on the street. Have them prove
>>residency. If they cannot - they go to the center. Call it a jail if 
>>youwant - there is some creative loser politician out there somewhere 
>>thatcan put a name to it that will not step on anyone's toes.
>>The center would be the hub of a multi-layered project. The residents 
>>willbe used to clean up the streets - they can be assigned to other 
>>businessesto perform some type of work. They would receive a minimum 
>>wage from thebusinesses and the businesses would pay a nominal fee to 
>>the center forthe use of the services.
>>The work-study program would provide real experience for the college
>>hopefuls. They will get an opportunity to work first hand in the 
>>fieldsthey have chosen.
>>    For all of you people who lack reading comprehension skills.  Let 
>>say, 1st you should read any postings on any discussion list, 
>>(as in from beginning to end), then secondly, you should read what the 
>>posting was a replying to thoroughly, thirdly, ask yourself does the 
>>replier, wholely or partially support the ideas & concepts of what the 
>>original postee has submitted to the list for all to see, and lastly, 
>>don't post a reply until you have comprehended what the relationship 
>>between the words of the replier and the words of the original postee!
>>    Now I will reitterate on my own reply to the above proposition, 
>>more time!   Whoever wrote that proposition, I'd like to commend you 
>>steps 3 & 4, but am AGAINST steps 1 & 2, because they would only add 
>>our nation's jail & prison systems problems.  I offer an ward for 
>>written opinionated or voice materials on behalf of the homeless.  I 
>>then post that written material on my web site for all people to see.  
>>If you have ever received one of my awards and checked the winner's 
>>for your posting, and found it missing some things that you know you 
>>wrote.  Well then, obviously, that means those missing elements of 
>>posting were not, in MY opinion, relevant to, supportive of, or 
>>indicative of an award. Now here is where comprehension skills come 
>>If you write it and I post it, and every one in my site traffic sees 
>>Then 1st & foremost, it is a reflection of all homeless people (since 
>>is the Voice of the Homeless) and secondly it is a reflection of where 
>>you stand.
>>    I want people who, read these award winning postings to be touched 
>>by what they reach, and hopefully motivated to go out and start a 
>>Food Not bomb chapter, or open up the doors to there homes to a person 
>>who was unable to get into a winter shelter that night, or even just 
>>go out and volunteer their services to a local homeless feeding 
>>charity.  Inspiration is what its all about (COMPREHEND NOW).  So I 
>>I have cleared the mess, one 'NEW TO THE DISCUSSION LIST' member made 
>>my reply to a posting (having not, herself, comprehended its meaning)! 
>>And last of all, to TOM BOLAND,
>>I'd like to say, the next time you read a posting and submit it back 
>>into circulation on the discussion list for all to read, without the 
>>original posting attached to it, think about the mixed messages that 
>>sends to the readers of that posting!  Thank You!
>>Tedrico Latham
>>Your Informative Homelessness Resource Link!
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