Shelter Association President

Terry Bevins (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 14:21:55 -0800 (PST)


 The shelter association of Washtennaw County
President, Micheal Beasley is now an official enemy
of the Homeless Power Union, his crime: not holding
the interests of the homeless, and threatening to
close the only spot for those that seek help.

 Micheal Beasley has fired the Night shelter Manager
and has trumped up charges against him, for
supposedly stealing a disk with client information.
I for one know this is not true, and am currently
organizing a forced occupation of the day shelter to
defend the manager of the Night shelter as well as to
fight to keep the day place.

Micheal Beasley's plan is to move the staff and
advocates from the day shelter, and move them into
the night shelter, and make them see these people by
appointment...this is has to be stopped!!!

We went for four months without advocates, and he is
going to abolish what the HPU has workked so hard
for. This must fought. 

His plot is to make sure the homeless don't get any
help or guidance, in turn the maybe criminalized for
what they need to do to get by.

We will not be defeated!!!

Terry Bevins
Homeless Power Union
Detroit NWROC

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