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Virginia Sellner (
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 17:34:38 -0800

>From: (Virginia Sellner)
>Subject: Re: Comments on The Big Issue Issue
>Cc: Anitra, TimHarris
>Anitra as always you state things beautifully and to the point.  And I feel
as you do that people should be given a choice -- in an area that has more
than 8 million people, there is room for more than one paper, more than one
shelter, more than one program, and on and on.
>I have felt some misgivings about some of the people involved in NASNA who
seem to feel that all the 'papers' in NASNA should be done in a certain
manner.  If that becomes the case we will not continue as members of NASNA.
We produce StreetViews (quarterly if we have the funds) and it is primarily
a voice for the homeless.  We do not have vendors, thos perhaps we will
later.  At this time a city of 50,000 in the conservative state of Wyoming
does not seem to be a practical place for vendors.  We are giving voice to
the homeless, and we are providing those who know little about homelessness,
an opportunity to 'see and hear' the homeless.  Here, at this moment, that
is what is important.  That is what we will continue to do.  If NASNA won't
accept that, that's fine, we will continue as always anyway.
>I do believe that there were some mistakes made by TBI, but they appear to
be trying to correct this.  I also know that they came to LA because they
were invited.
>I hope people listen to what you have said here, Anitra.
>Virginia Sellner
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