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Theodore Latham (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:21:31 PST


    I'm sure it will blow over soon, and I certainly won't allow it to 
put a damper on my goals and achievements for Tedrico's Page! Thanks for 
responding!  Now that makes 3 responses from a posting that should have 
conjured up mass response.  Oh well, they will all learn the value of 
membership, love, and brotherhood amongst discussion group lists 
eventually!  Meanwhile, I'll continue to do my thing, you continue to do 
your thing, If I say tomato, then you say tomOto, and so on!  Nuff said.


Tedrico Latham

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>Tedrico, my brother:
>Thank you for sharing your feelings.  I appreciate your help to HPN, 
>views, and the views of all those who responded about your Award.  It 
>sting your pride, I'd think, to be criticized for your gesture of good 
>- Spotlighting on your site my forward to HPN of a Usenet post (which
>advised that homeless people need more policing).
>When I posted the forward, I wanted people to consider how the "shape 
up or
>ship out" attitude can justify restricting homeless people's civil
>liberties.  I did not expect you or any HPN member to be criticized, 
and I
>regret that you felt hurt.
>Clearly, listmembers will sometimes disagree.  Otherwise, we never 
>our stands or learn anything new.  I want every HPN member to feel 
>here - new and old member, those who post often or rarely, and those 
>both popular and unpopular views.
>Much work and creative planning remains, if we are to end homelessness.
>Living with tension is part of our task.  Fortunately, we also find
>friendship and understanding here, and some success in helping our 
>peers in our communities.
>May we absorb the insights of our disputes, and carry on as coworkers 
>justice.  The world needs us, I think, and we need each other.
>Tedrico, keep up your good work.  We need your efforts.
>Seeking peaceful means to homeless peoples' aims.--Tom
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