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Hello all,

I am sending you the following forward of the most recent (2/9/98) 
Dendrite F.Y.I. and for others you may know who may also be 
interested. Please feel free to forward this message on.

I am making plans to attend the Counterprotest mentioned below and am 
organizing locally here in the hopes that others from Vermont and 
elsewhere may join those of us who are going.
Morgan <morganbrown@hotmail.com>
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DENDRITE ALERT: human rights in "mental health" system
Feb. 9, 1998 -- please copy, re-distribute & post
for more info e-mail: Protest@madnation.org

     Support Coalition International Organizes
     COUNTERPROTEST to Resist Forced Psychiatry

     Saturday, May 2, Washington, D.C., Freedom Plaza

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- When the U.S. government, the National Alliance
for the Mentally Ill, and the American Psychiatric Association all
unite to "hit the streets" of Washington, D.C. on Sat., May 2, in a
taxpayer-funded march for psychiatry, they may be in for a surprise.

Many of the people they are "honoring" are not happy about the march.

An alliance of 60 groups in eight countries promises a COUNTERPROTEST
against forced psychiatry at the same time and place. Support
Coalition International and allies will be in Washington, D.C."s
"Freedom Plaza" from 9 am to 1 pm with signs saying "NO FORCE!",
reports Counterprotest organizer Vicki Fox Wieselthier of St. Louis.

The Counterprotest is being outspent 100 to 1. The U.S. government is
spending $200,000 on their event, which is called "Walk the Walk."

To have the U.S. government itself fund a political march on
Washington is said to be unprecedented, and politically delicate for
the Administration. Tipper Gore is a march co-chair. The National
Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) is on the steering committee. A
government news release for "Walk the Walk" said one goal is a push
to quadruple the number of Americans who use psychiatric treatment.

Counterprotesters are counting on grassroots support, especially via
the Internet, where they say they've already uncovered a scandal:

The federal agency sponsoring "Walk the Walk" is the Center for
Mental Health Services. CMHS is paying much of the taxpayer's
$200,000 directly to a large public relations firm, "Hayes, Domenici
& Associates," to spin-manage the event. The name "Domenici" refers
to one of the PR firm's co-owners, the wife of Congressperson Pete
Domenici. Congressperson Domenici is one of the most fervent
supporters of funding CMHS, and traditional "mental health" system.

A focus of the Counterprotest is NAMI. While some individual members
of National Alliance for Mentally Ill (NAMI) support liberty concerns
of "psychiatric survivors," the leadership of NAMI has recently
decided to escalate their own campaign for more forced psychiatry.

Three months ago, NAMI announced the launch of a major campaign,
called the "Treatment Advoacy Center" [NAMI-TAC] to greatly increase
the number of Americans who would be subject to forced psychiatric
drugs, both inside institutions, and even those living in their own
homes out in the community. NAMI-TAC is the brain child of U.S.
National Institute of Mental Health psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey.
More than half of NAMI's major corporate donors are drug companies.

Other "NO FORCE" events are also happening before and after the
Counterprotest, as part of a "Million Mad March" organized by
MADNESS, a network of Internet forums.

The co-coordinator of Support Coalition International, Janet Foner,
will give a workshop the next day, Sunday, May 3, about alternatives
to forced psychiatry. The title of the workshop is: "Take Back Your
Mind: Crisis Prevention & Listening Skills for Community Leaders."


* To find out more about the Counterprotest against forced
psychiatry, and workshop the next day, e-mail:  Protest@madnation.org

* Check out web site for "NO FORCE" graphic and for protest
logistics:  http://www.madnation.org

* To reserve a bed at D.C. American Youth Hostel, you can call
24-hours a day to: 1-800-909-4776 and then enter extension "04." They
take credit card to reserve, or mail in check for first night. More
low-cost housing info available via http://www.madnation.org

* See the new winter issue of Support Coalition's newsjournal,
_Dendron News_, including a poster about opposing NAMI's "Chemical
Crusade."  If you oppose forced human rights violations in
psychiatry, you can request a sample copy of _Dendron News_ by
e-mailing your postal address to:  dendron@efn.org

* Those off the Internet can contact Support Coalition by writing: PO
Box 11284; Eugene, OR 97440 USA. Or phoning: (541) 345-9106.

* For general info on resisting the rise of forced psychiatry, see
the web site for Support Coalition: http://www.efn.org/~dendron

* DENDRITE is a free "read only" announcement e-mail list of Support
Coalition International, a non-profit independent alliance united to
WIN human rights campaigns in the "mental health"  system. To receive
DENDRITE, e-mail ListProc@efn.org with these two words:

subscribe dendrite

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