Theodore Latham (tedrico@hotmail.com)
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 00:26:16 PST

To all HPN subscribers,

  I grow tired of all the feedback from a response I made to the 
following anonymous proposal:
   1. Pass an absolute law making vagrancy unlawful. Period.
   2. Increase the police routes to include more time in areas that have 
ahigh rate of homeless vagrancy.
   3. Build a center that can house, feed and care for these people.
Include mental accomodations. This can be staffed by college work study 
orother federal employees.
   4. Pick up the homeless if they are on the street. Have them prove
residency. If they cannot - they go to the center. Call it a jail if 
youwant - there is some creative loser politician out there somewhere 
thatcan put a name to it that will not step on anyone's toes.

The center would be the hub of a multi-layered project. The residents 
willbe used to clean up the streets - they can be assigned to other 
businessesto perform some type of work. They would receive a minimum 
wage from thebusinesses and the businesses would pay a nominal fee to 
the center forthe use of the services.

The work-study program would provide real experience for the college
hopefuls. They will get an opportunity to work first hand in the 
fieldsthey have chosen.

    For all of you people who lack reading comprehension skills.  Let me 
say, 1st you should read any postings on any discussion list, thoroughly 
(as in from beginning to end), then secondly, you should read what the 
posting was a replying to thoroughly, thirdly, ask yourself does the 
replier, wholely or partially support the ideas & concepts of what the 
original postee has submitted to the list for all to see, and lastly, 
don't post a reply until you have comprehended what the relationship is 
between the words of the replier and the words of the original postee!

    Now I will reitterate on my own reply to the above proposition, one 
more time!   Whoever wrote that proposition, I'd like to commend you on 
steps 3 & 4, but am AGAINST steps 1 & 2, because they would only add to 
our nation's jail & prison systems problems.  I offer an ward for 
written opinionated or voice materials on behalf of the homeless.  I 
then post that written material on my web site for all people to see.  
If you have ever received one of my awards and checked the winner's list 
for your posting, and found it missing some things that you know you 
wrote.  Well then, obviously, that means those missing elements of your 
posting were not, in MY opinion, relevant to, supportive of, or 
indicative of an award. Now here is where comprehension skills come in:  
If you write it and I post it, and every one in my site traffic sees it. 
Then 1st & foremost, it is a reflection of all homeless people (since it 
is the Voice of the Homeless) and secondly it is a reflection of where 
you stand.

    I want people who, read these award winning postings to be touched 
by what they reach, and hopefully motivated to go out and start a local 
Food Not bomb chapter, or open up the doors to there homes to a person 
who was unable to get into a winter shelter that night, or even just to 
go out and volunteer their services to a local homeless feeding program 
charity.  Inspiration is what its all about (COMPREHEND NOW).  So I hope 
I have cleared the mess, one 'NEW TO THE DISCUSSION LIST' member made of 
my reply to a posting (having not, herself, comprehended its meaning)!  
And last of all, to TOM BOLAND,
I'd like to say, the next time you read a posting and submit it back 
into circulation on the discussion list for all to read, without the 
original posting attached to it, think about the mixed messages that 
sends to the readers of that posting!  Thank You!


Tedrico Latham

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