Homless in Poland

piotr kuzniar (xpiotrx@kki.net.pl)
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 19:43:19 +0000

Dear HPN subscribers below you'll find short report about homless 
situation in Krakow/Poland.

	In Krakow exist already 12 sleeping house for homeless with 600 free 
spaces. MOPS (local organization helping homless ) is helping 
also those people who cant pay rent for their houses. Last year 3329 
Krakowian families seeked help in MOPS.

	Officials are saying that in Krakow area lifes approx. 1000 
homeless. Most of them are peolpe between 30-60 years, half of them 
are seriously ill and 70 % might be disabillity. Exactly numbers are 
not know. In fact 39% of Polish families lifes below poverty line.

	In Krakow the major problem are also those homeless who are drug 
addicted. Mostly they're scoffed by other homeless and can't find 
free spaces in Homless Centres. "Normal" homless argue that they may 
be affect by AIDS, that way they don't want to see them in Homless 
Center.  Very often rules of Center helps them whicg says that 
"drunk person can't be a user od Center". Many of drug addicted 
homless has spent last winter in  staircases.		
	Most of tenats have put sign on front door: "Drug Addicted are 
please to remove needles and syringes". Which is good because in 
Polish society they maight simple called the cops. In Krakow 8 of 
them frozzeed last winter.
	The main organization which helps drug addicted is MONAR. Their 
ambitious is to create Center for only drug addicteds. It would 
contains little out-patients' depatment, kitchen, baths and laundry. 
If it succeed Krakowian Drug Addicted Center will be 2nd one in 
Poland after Warsaw.

	Many of homless complied on cops for their brutal behave, after 
Slupsk aciddent (one of cops has killed 13-y old football fan. It 
sparked riots) Krakowian cops are trying to be somehow friendly. In 
fact most of homless are saying that Krakow is very friendly city for 
	It must be added that Polish homless peolpe are doing the biggest 
eco job for Polish natural enviromental. Why? They're collecteing 
paper, metal, etc and selling to the recykling center for money.

	Last winter in whole Poland about 50 homless frozzed to death. 
the disscusion about supporting Homless Cneter by goverment will 
come back on headlins in next winter (sic!). 
Thankfully Polish winter's gone.

PS. Sorry my rough English...

Piotr Kuzniar
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