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Ronald J. Bartle (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 11:23:25 +0100

Michy Boyd wrote:
> Tedrico you must be crazy to give this person some kind of award except
> for maybe the ignorant award.

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  Where are the
> children going to go?  Are they going to put them in jail too.  Children are so innocent.  You cannot break up a family just because of
> homelessness and poverty.  I could go on and on.
> Now I think this is something we really ought to think about.  The
> numbers of homeless families with children are rising.

How about all of us who have a political vote on any level of any
consequence from today vote only for those making serious binding
commitments to take real root cause remedial action including where
necessary increasing taxation of the rich and stoping corperate welfare
of all sorts.. (if jobs would be lost by doing so .. well heck that is
this wonderfull free market we all are supposed to be able to sell our
labour in!) 

The only really relyable way to know if the promises are going to be
fullfiled is to look at the parties/persons track record on the matter
of poverty and homelessness and all the root causes of the same.

Until there are comitted - sencibly beleivable and in the case of
derilictiion on election promises .. relativly easy fast non.desruptive
ways to recall the govt. and replace it at a n y time during the regular
electorial period of office.. NOT vote for a n y b o d y or anything..!

In case that does not work start hoarding food and equiping of *all*
sorts for a long period of near-total civil disobediance.. no work of a
commercial nature done.. no healh volounteering outside immediate
circle. No banking .. no travel no new purchases or sale .. no
permission no non-essential to this cause communications no wars no
obediance of any natuer outside the home residential unit.
highest possible resistance of all typers to arrest - no right of way
over or through ones own controllable areas.. of coures this allredy
means far more than a general strike.

No more so-called elected democratic representation that does not have a
clue and does not care a fig.

No more proffesional politicians using public office as a stepping stone
to figurehead directorships of the industries they have favoured during

No media that we the people do not run.  tempory total intelligent
participatory and self-regulatory anarchy in a way that will cause God
in Heaven to smile on us all and delete aramageddon and all its
forerunners from His plan of things - as unnecessary.

So how about that.... as a screwball but thought provoking extrapolation
of - what is for instance offical swiss(switzerland) state defence
policy in the event of a land invasion or occupation of that small
country in the event of an attempted take over.

In the case of the mass of humanity the take over by an outside intrued
not representing our individual of majority democratic interests has all
ready taken place.. is it not our patriotic democratic duty to restore a
real pround and functional egalitarian society.

... bang this from wall to list to sec to local govt pin board.. and see
where some of the sparks fall!

love-peace-happiness-justice-general growth and fullfillment - global
wellbeing - a new age of 2nd renaissaince outpouring of real self
freeing and mutual assisting - a fadeing away of oppression and
undearned wealth and exploitive justapositioning of masses of different
appearance but almost identical needs humanity in the farch called
international competetion.  a resurection of real person to person -
team to team and talent and streng to talent and strength competion to
see who or which team can c o n t r i b u t e the most to the general
good.  notice that this new aqauarian ages IS comming .. neither they
_can_ stop it and we will not do so.  In the way that marx wrongly
predicted that money and authority would melt away in the age of
communist dichtomy - in that same way we will be seeing the bith-throes
of a real surge forward and upward for humanity who is no longer located
and increasily together - joy will abound and leave us wondering how we
had sunk as a natural living entity to levels of joy per month measured
in single digit seconds.  Those who dont want to be arround when peace
and general cosmic prosperity starts to make privalige and individual
power more and more silly and then irellevant and then fogoten.. can and
prhaps should leave this area befoe being in a state of real contented
joyfull fullfilment at one with self and all and constantly everywhere.

Cee .. stuff like that../ no more drugs that the VA requires of a
nervouse gulf veteran and european medics push upon one.  / but gawd
damm it a real hope and vision of the better times that HE has in store
for all and for ever.

ron b.

if an apology is necessary here is a semi-full of them!  ;)


pax vobiscum

and dont forget the pope could be a real neat guy if -they- had let him
be etc... hehe

no need to put any melotinine back in the box if it has already been
usefull re-uptaken - is there now....!?  <grinn .. cant wait to see what
you all make of this.. if anything.. a bit like cracking a great timely
joke on the subway .. and hearing the necks craneing away from one in
unison on the berlin line #7 in the mid morning when it is full of
ex-and-non-working class silently rageing non-expressive semi-zombie
individuals groaning with anticipation for the next Füherer!  jeez! 
given a choice i would vote for saddam any day.. (on what conditions ..
? = see top of this article!  <hehe>

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