Morgan Brown (
Mon, 09 Feb 1998 06:30:15 PST

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Hello all,

I wanted to say goodbye to everyone at HPN before I uns*bs*r*b*.

I've tried to remain at HPN, but am unable to keep up these days with 
the messages, even as few as they may be. I have not been able to 
participate as I'd care to either and have realized that it is alright 
to take a break away from HPN for a while until I am able to rejoin 
again sometime later.

I will miss the action, networking and support that you each bring in 
your own ways and that make HPN what it is.

When I can, I'll keep abreast with HPN via the archives. Please feel 
free to e-mail with personal messages at <> or to 
see what's going on in my universe via:

Morgan <>
Morgan W. Brown
Homeless, but never hopeless, in Montpelier Vermont USA 

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