Camping---4 Welfare Services/ Personal Growth+ (fwd)

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one more today, two tomorrow, and I think that's about all.  Can we
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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 00:40:23 +0000
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Subject: Camping---4  Welfare Services/ Personal Growth+

**Welfare Services/ Personal Growth--

Transportation - mass transit, bicycles, cars
Communications - phones, mail, messages
Child Care
Case Management - limits to control
Camp mediation and advocacy with welfare
Some unrestricted funds for camp social services
Cottage Industries - wildcrafting, crafts
Job leads / Job Bank
Training for Resource and Referral

**Politics, Administration and Funding--

Not Agency Controlled
Public Announcement of Intent
Strategies Developement
Judy Urhbelau, State Rep. 
Dee Southard, SOU Lecturer
Oregon Coalition on Housing and Homelessness
Oregon Action
Community Emergancy Resources  and Vital Servicess
Congregational Church
Human Rights Coalition of Jackosn County
John Statler           Homeless Camps 
Peace Productions      Not a solution,
1120 Niantic St.       A necessity
Medford  OR  97501
(541) 770-5524